Thursday, November 26, 2015

Genuine To The Core - Kern

I met this woman a few years back during a time where I was searching for answers.  On life.  On death.  On how to truly love people.  I found friendship in her on this one particular night and it was a time I will not forget.  She is not only friendly and cheerful, but she is kind to others no matter where they are in life.  She treats others the way she would want to be treated and she loves with a wide and open heart.  I admire her for her bravery, for her openness and for her desire to make our world a better place.

Today I get to show off my friend, Kern.  She is an enchanting lady, full of life and love and going over her answers to my questions was a gift to me.  Cheers to this genuine lady.  Enjoy!

1.  If you had thirty seconds to describe yourself, i.e. who you are, what would you say? 

I am girl born in Wyoming to parents who loved me. And lucky me. And from life experiences, I have become a feminist, a lover, a friend, a mother, a jokester, a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, wants to save the souls of humans through kindness.  I am a secular humanist and only have the energy to care about how humans live now, this life. I have zero energy to give to any thought or ideas about a God or Gods and what happens after death. I laugh at everything, because humor is what I think will save me in most of my saddest moments. 

2.  What is the one accomplishment in your life that you are most proud of? Why? 

I am proud of escaping the bubble and complete mind-controlling view of the world of Mormonism. It would have been the death of me had I not broken free. I don’t know that I am proud of that. Can one be proud of something like that? I don’t think so. I’m not. It just is. I once took a photo though of a sunset that still, to this day, takes my breath away. I am proud of that.

3.  If you could trade places with one person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be and why? 

I wouldn’t trade places. Ever. That is one week I can’t get back of being me. I’d not want to miss a moment. If I could sit and talk with someone, however, it would be Carl Sagan.  We’d smoke a bowl and discuss the universe.

4.  What is your current career and how did you choose it? 

I have a career of taking photos and creating art. I work at a desk for money. It’s not a career though. It just pays the bills and is completely uninteresting. I love the company. The owners are my friends and I am loyal to their cause and product. But it’s not a career. Life is my career. And I create art.

5. What are some examples of your work?   

Landscapes. Sunsets. Photos of humans smiling. Photos of humans crying. Pictures of my son dressed in drag. Photos of my cat and my dog and of a random Tuesday night.  If you care, you can search for Kernography Instagram.  I also take a lot of selfies of self expression. I take them of myself, because they are raw emotion that I can draw out of myself and share. I like that. I think maybe it could inspire someone else to feel and want to do it as well. It’s quite liberating.

6.  What are some things you are doing to change the world for the better? 

I carry my groceries bagless to the car. I don’t flush after every pee. I work in the dark or wear my shoes till they have holes. I give and serve and take photos to remember it all by. And I love and a kind and forgiving and try to not push my beliefs on others. Live by example, I guess.  Hopefully that will make the world better.

7.  If you were a tree, where would you want to be planted and why? 

I’d want to be a sycamore tree because they are just fucking beautiful. And plant me by the Spiral Jetty art piece in Utah.  I want a sign created and left there for my children and lovers to see.  Plant me as a tree (or spread my ashes ) and the sign will say, “This is what I wanted to show you.”  It is the most beautiful place on earth, that I have yet to see.

8.  Describe a crisis you have faced in life?  

Deciding to stay in my marriage of 21 years or leaving it and starting a new path. Both choices seemed hopeless. Both held pain and fear and all the things. Both seemed like the wrong choice. Both could go fuck themselves.  That was my attitude about it.  It kept me awake all day and night. It almost killed me. Literally. I don’t wish that experience upon anyone.

9.  How did you resolve the crisis and what did you learn from it?  

I had to make a choice.  And so I did. And upon making it, I chose to stick to it and then do everything I’d normally do…do the opposite of that. I figured that I got to the point I was by doing what I’d always done. So, it made sense to me to do the opposite.  I have found life on the other side of that choice, however, and the path that I am currently on is quite beautiful and breathtaking. There are stumbles and hardships, but most certainly, I feel I made the right choice and would not change it.  I no longer do the opposite, however.  I trust myself again to make good choices and to love completely.  I don’t think my crisis will ever be resolved. It will just be something that I have tried to fix and take care of and manage to the best of my ability. And I am okay with that.  I’ve learned to use my voice…that I even had a voice.  I’ve learned to say what I want, feel, need.  I think that is my most valuable lesson of all.  To use my voice. 

10.  If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to see play the lead role? 

Anyone but Kiera Nightly. I just really dislike her acting.  Perhaps Laverne Cox. She’s a strong and gorgeous woman. I want that kind of woman to play me.

11.  If you had six months to live, what would you do? 

Live. I’d fucking live. I’d continue to love who I love; go to bed at night and snuggle up and breathe them in. I’d love my children and make them more breakfasts in bed, I suppose.  But really, I’m happy and grateful and content right now.  Sure there are hardships and things I’d like to change.  My biggest worry in my life is the future.  Where will I be and who will I be with. My family ties have grown extremely small over the past year, and so the fear of being alone is real for me. But, with 6 months that fear leaves and I’ve got the best 6 months ever ahead. And I suppose, now that I’m typing this, that really should be how I view my future, isn’t it?  That I have the best __months ahead of me and so just let go and fucking live.  Yep.  Well done questions. I’ve just grown a wee bit.

12.  What are your greatest treasures in this life? 

My ability to change. It really is. Change is hard, and I think I handle it well. I  mean, I struggle, but in the end, I accept it and work through it and then own it and finally, celebrate it.  And of course, getting to be loved and to love.  Love is the most heartbreaking thing. I mean, it has caused my heart to be fucking Shattered…little tiny pieces everywhere, pain so extreme that I remember laying on the grass one afternoon. I looked up and took a photo of a lilac flower.  And I imagined just dying, at that moment, and if I did, how beautiful it would be to not feel that pain anymore.  And then I got up and put my feet forward and moved on.  And then, as my heart heals, I find new love that I am so grateful for, so completely and utterly grateful for.  And that feeling is one of having my heart pumped up and celebrated and new.  And THAT feeling is also one of the greatest feelings in the world.  So…after that ramble…love.  Love is my greatest treasure. I seek after it.  I want to give it. That is a beautiful thing.

13.  Life after death or one life to live?  

Nobody knows, and those that do (if there are) aren’t talking.  I don’t believe there is a white god waiting for me to fall into his arms upon my death.  But I don’t claim to know if it is the end, either.  I don’t think about it much. I don’t really give a fuck about it, really.  It doesn’t concern me. I’m not dead.  What concerns me is living now.  I have one life to live right now, so that’s where my focus is. Love and live and give.

14.  If you won 10 million dollars in a lottery, what would you do with it? 

Invest and give. All of it to the proper care and feeding of humans. Especially within the trans and queer community. After a few experiences this fall, I would most certainly find a way to invest and give to the finding of a cure of HIV. It’s a disease that people are so very afraid of, and those who have it are forgotten and treated like they have something that will kill others simply because they are breathing the same air. It’s not true. They are dying. They need love and support. They need kindness. They need a cure.  And they need, most of all, to be treated like the beautiful humans that they are.  All the money would go towards it. I’d also buy a new phone. Because I’m a human after all and I do have a few thoughts about wanting something grand.  I’d get pretty excited about having the latest iPhone to take photos with.

15. What is your perception of the people in this world? 

That people are generally good. I think humans have evolved into being beautiful creatures who respond to self fulfilling prophecies.  Keep telling them they are worthless without a God in the sky to make them perfect, and they can’t rise up and be who they are…already perfect universe creations that are perfectly capable and more than willing (wanting, even) to be good just for the sake of  being good, kind, loving, giving, charitable, sacrificing, patient and big hearted.  Tell them they are all those things because they were born and the only reward upon death is the leaving behind a world better for having had their human print left from all the goodness they have done.  Tell them this, teach children this, and suddenly you will have a world of humans screaming out to be amazing, rather than a world of humans scared to just be who they are for fear of being destroyed by an unseen God. 

16. If you were the only survivor of a plane crash on a deserted island, what would be the first thing you would do and why?  

I would have a seat and consider what just happened and know that there was no big meaning, no hidden message, no grand plan.  But I would sit and listen, for hours or days, I am sure, to my inner voice. She would have much to say, I think, on her life and what it has meant up to the point where taking her last breath had a real possibility of not being heard, seen, or felt by another human again.  I mean, what else would there be to do, as a 1st item on a list of “not much to do because everyone is dead and you are stranded on a deserted island.”  I’d have my thoughts to sort through. Nothing more.

17. Wonder woman and Cat woman are having a drink together at a bar.  What kind of friends do you envision these women to be and why? 

I cannot see them as friends so long as they both have an identity other than what others have created for them.  As if cat woman is just nothing other than someone who fights “bad guys?” And Wonder woman. She is dressed for the beach. And yet we are supposed to take her seriously?  Did they pick out their costumes? Do they even have first and last names? What kinds of books to do they read, what kind of music do their hearts beat to?  Do they know themselves? Do we know anything about these women, other than they fight crime? Perhaps if I researched them both, I might find out a tidbit or two. But I doubt I’d ever actually get to know them.  And if they can’t know themselves, how can they be friends with each other. Well, they can be chit chat friends, I suppose, and share make-up tips.

18. What is one thing you want to leave this world and why?  

Art. I want to just leave art. Art changes lives. It is the carrier of thought. It begs others to stop and ponder, think and rest. It inspires. It lasts forever, in some way, because art is a creation. Creations never die. They might be destroyed, burned, thrown out.  But the energy it puts out, to even one soul…that lives forever.

19. What are any website links or pages you would like to share with the world?  I.e. your own work, other people and activities you are passionate about, etc.

Google is the God of this century.  It has all the answers, but won’t do it for you. You have to read what you find, research what you think you believe or don’t believe, and if you want to find my art, it has all the answers.  I like to laugh. It’s my favorite thing. And I like to learn others opinions and ideas.  So yeah. Those websites.  And oh, what the hell….

Because really, at the end of this list….it’s what I wanted to show you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Universe Full Of Secrets

Listening to the ocean brings out something powerful inside me.  This is why I want to be near the ocean.  When I am close to the sounds of the ocean and I hear the sounds of nature in all directions, my mind awakens.

Unfortunately, living in Utah I am unable to hear the waves of the ocean hitting the beach, ebbing and flowing into the depths of its shadows.  I get to listen to sounds of nature on my stereo (i.e. phone).  It still soothes me.  My mind awakens.  It does the job until I can physically be near the beautiful ocean.

Who really knows me?

This is something I have thought many times in my life.

I often hear surprise in people's voices or see it in their faces when I tell them about myself.

You don't look like a person who can do all those things, they will say.

- cooking
- baking
- sewing
- crafts
- piano
- singing
- writing

Looks can be deceiving...

I am more than what you see.

I have a love inside me that wants to invite everyone in.

I have a fear inside that keeps most everyone at arms length.

I have loved.

I have hated.

I have had my heart broken.

I have been hurt.

I have hurt others.

I have seen bad things.

I have been scared.

I have feared for my life.

I have felt exhilarated.

I have been overjoyed.

I have felt hopeless.

I have cried until the pain was numb.

I have laughed until it hurt.

I have my story.

Aren't we all a universe full of secrets.  Don't we all have our story's.  We are a beautiful creation, whether by a god or by evolution... it does not matter.  We are here and we all have a story to tell.

Our story is what we leave the moment our body's die.

What do you want your story to be?

The holidays are upon us.  Another year.  Another year where human beings will be crowding into stores, buying gifts and bringing in the holiday cheer.

In the spirit of evolving, remember we all have our story and we are all in this together.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bonnie Surie Life Coach

Welcome Bonnie!  It is such a pleasure to get to know people better, especially the ones who have been in my life for as long as I can remember.  Bonnie is an engaging and inspiring woman, who has come leaps and bounds in her life because of her choice to learn from her life lessons instead of allowing them to take her apart.

We all have our challenges, our trials and our let-downs and it amazes me how many people I know in my life who come back up kicking and screaming.  They don't give up the fight, even when most others would say they have every right to.  Bonnie has been an example to me and I love watching her take on the world, giving others the opportunity to have their best life ever.

1.  How would you describe yourself?

I am worldly and LOVE life.  I seek expansion in experience and knowledge of truth and connection to source.  I connect to everything and everyone at a spiritual level.  I feel the life of nature and whisper praise to the tree that trust, if it drops its leaves, new ones will grow as the old ones no longer serve it.  I can't help but see this as a beautiful example to our human existence.  If we trust to let go of what we no longer need, what no longer serves us; the universe will reward us abundantly with greater, but only if we trust at an internal level.

I have been described as steadfast, optimistic, cheerful, wise, passionate, and gifted with wisdom and communication.  I feel I have found some of my gifts.  However, I trust I still have many more to learn of while I continue to develop the ones I have.  I love to have fun, encourage and read to children, laughter, connection, writing.  I love to be spontaneous and try new things.  (It may just become my new favorite thing)

2.  What are your biggest goals and dreams? 

I have a goal card that reads, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am a top, one of a kind, international coach, speaker, and author on Human Potential and the Laws of the Universe.  I have an extraordinary likeminded team by my side to assist me with ANY and ALL business needs that I have.  I easily make $10,000,000 or more net profit with MSI.  I generously donate to children's hospitals paying off accounts anonymously, to the MAKE A WISH foundation, and to humanitarian projects around the world.

3.  Which is better, sweet or sour?  Why?  

I have to be honest, I asked my husband for assistance with this one.  He is a pro with flavors.  He was able to bring to my attention that the body has a physical response to what we eat.  I guess I didn't think about this..?  LOL

Okay, sour I see as a "shock" experience.  It has a tendency to send compulsive shocks to the cheeks causing them to suck in until the eyes have no other choice but bulge from their sockets.  As a result, you begin to tear up and massive goosebumps cover the entire body.  The skin tightens and tenses to prevent leakage from the rest of the tiny holes that cover our sponge like body... LOL

Sweet is like stepping into a hot bath on a cold winter day.  The body instantly covers itself in goosebumps from pleasure vs. shock.  I definitely prefer sweet, it's subtle and comforting.  The body feels more at ease. ;)

4.  What's the biggest misconception about you and why?

That I have it all together..  Life is an ever expansive experience.  As a creator, I see potential in many opportunities; as a result I pick many of them up.  Task management is a weakness of mine that I am working on improving.

5.  What are you passionate about?

Watching people have A-ha moments when I'm coaching or speaking.  I LOVE teaching a new way of thinking that many are foreign to that completely transforms lives.  There isn't a better feeling than the words of those who you have just given a light to, who have been trapped in a small dark room their entire life... Life is beautiful, especially when you learn HOW you are the creator of the results you get in life.  This simple shift in knowledge can change anyone's life.

6.  What's the difference between you and most other people?

Well... Really this is tough for me to say.  We are all unique with strengths and weaknesses.  I suppose the biggest difference is my perspective and awareness I have on life.

7.  If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give to your child self? 

"Little Bonnie, you will struggle only because through the struggles you will discover your gift.  You are SO BEAUTIFUL and absolutely here for a reason.  You're NOT a mistake, you're not alone, and you ARE loved!  You are safe" 

8.  Which Hogwarts house would you belong to?  Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?  Why?

I have an honest confession to make... I have watched the movies however, not to the point where I actually know the difference between the houses.  So, I took it upon myself to do some research for this question.  I believe that I would fit well in the Hufflepuff house.  If what I have read is accurate, I belong with them because I am tenacious, loyal, open-minded, giving and good hearted; this what I have read them to be.

9.  What are you doing in your life to influence the world and/or community?

I am teaching others that their way of thinking is expired and it's time to replace it with a better way that will only flood good in their lives as well as the lives they come into contact to.  I think of life as a gigantic puzzle and each human represents a piece of the puzzle.  We can't really see what the real picture is yet, though many have an idea of what they THINK it is.  Regardless of what the real picture is, we all have to touch each other somehow to reveal the picture.  I will touch the pieces around me and influence them to touch the pieces around them.  We're all in this together.

10.  Is there a part of your past that taught you a valuable lesson?  If so, will you tell us your story?

I used to be (about 6 years ago) very manipulative, always trying to get things from other.  I felt that I couldn't get it myself, I didn't know how or didn't have the money.  As the woman I am today, I know that there is no good feeling in making others pity you.  There is NOTHING to gain from this.  There is however, an incredible feeling knowing that everything I have now, I've earned; I DID IT!  The exception to this is a gift of course.  I won't lie, I enjoy unexpected gifts and surprises!

11. Who is your hero and why?

Gosh, who is my hero?  I have never thought of this either... You know, about 5 years ago I read a book called No Matter What by Lisa Nichols.  After I read this book I set all of my passwords to No Matter What B 2015 and made the decision that 2015 was going to be my BIG year.  Lisa inspired me to begin living the way I desired to without limitation.  I began an incredible journey and began to fall in love with myself and life.  In December 2014 I had a moment where I expressed with great passion my desire to help people through my experiences.  I desired to speak, coach, write and travel.  I made the decision to get a coach even though I didn't have the money.  I tried several banks that denied me for a loan.  The last place I called approved me.  I got a loan to pay her $3000.  I was scared but knew I needed to stop tip toeing through life, I was bigger than that.  I needed to get uncomfortable so I could grow and aspire to my truest self.  It dawned on me January 4th when I was putting in my password, that it was 2015; my BIG year!

I have begun coaching, speaking, writing and have traveled to London, Canada, Utah and Arizona.  I have met and now work with Bob Proctor.  The interesting thing about that is, #32 on my 101 goals before I die, reads "meet and work with Bob Proctor."  I write this list after I read No Matter What.  Everyday my life looks more and more like my dream life.

Aside from Lisa, my personal hero would have to be my Dad.  He has immense faith in me and my dream.  He has never stopped encouraging me and is my biggest fan.

12.  If you had one year to live, what would you do?

I would get family pictures taken while experiencing life!  No more traditional "everyone pose" style.  I would get a photographer to follow us around.  Bungee jumping in New Zealand, skydiving, while water rafting, scuba diving, kayaking with whales, and cliff diving and such... After about 6 months or so of living crazy life, I would relax; beach, mountains, and just be with my family.

13.  Do you have any creative ideas that you would like to share with the world?

Everything I am doing is creative self being expressed.  Right now, all my creativity is in the message I share.

14.  What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?

Well, I suppose I would not be risking anything if I KNEW I couldn't fail... ;)  Keeping life VERY interesting when the physical eye see IMPOSSIBLE is something I naturally do.  I don't see IMPOSSIBLE, I see IM-POSSIBLE.

15.  What animal would best describe you and why?

I would have to say a dolphin.  They're vibrant, intuitive, playful, and harmonious.  I see these characteristics prominent in myself.  When I think of the dolphin, I think of freedom, happiness, and oneness; these are important to me.

16.  What is your biggest strength?

My biggest strength would have to be my radiant smile.  It displays trust, kindness, authenticity, vibrancy and really helps my confidence and my ability to connect with others.  

17.  What kind of friend do you believe yourself to be?

I am the optimistic advisor.  I'm the friend that others go to for new insight on challenging situations.  I often hear my friends say, "what would Bonnie do" or "How would Bonnie explain this?"

 18.  If you had to choose between being Erin in the movie, Erin Brockovich or Elle Woods in the movie, Legally Blonde, who would you choose and why?

Erin Brockovich for sure!  I find her more bold and courageous.

19.  What is your perception of the world?

World... What a fascinating word full of mystery... I believe that everything is as it needs to be if we see the purpose for it or not.  This does not mean that I like everything that I know happens in the world.  I believe we're here to gain experience and to become.  I choose to see and think of beauty, expansion, and creator when I think of the world.

20.  If you could change one thing and one thing only about the people of this world, what would it be and why?

Definitely their way of thinking!  We complain about life and think "this is just the things go for me."  The truth is, we create our life one thought at a time.  We are vibrational beings that attract to us whatever we get emotionally involved with and believe to be true.  The shift needs to be what we're focused on.  If we don't like our current circumstances but continue to dwell on them, we will continue to get MORE of the same circumstances.  We need to dream and think of what it is we desire.  Once we do this, we begin to create new circumstances that reflect our dreams and desires!  Our focus needs to shift!

 21.  We are always making choices.  Are you choosing for your story or for someone else's?

I definitely am making my own choices, ALWAYS... With everything in my life, I know now that it's always been my choice to allow others to influence me and make me feel a certain way.  Or to choose the pictures and words I desire for my autobiography.  It is true that I have to do checks sometimes and ask myself, "am I allowing this person to control me?  Do I really want this?"

Where to connect more with Bonnie:


I'm in the business of helping people reach their highest potential through a positive mental attitude. With my study in positive psychology, personal development and growth, as well as being mentored by one of the world's best in this field, I have tools and a system to help people achieve far more than they ever dreamed of achieving.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Getting Out Of A Writing Rut

I was asked a question the other day which really made me think.  The question was... how do I get my ideas for my books and blogs, especially when I am in a rut?

At first I did not have a great answer.

Haha!  Ironic right?

After I gave it some thought I realized I get my ideas in several different ways.  The one idea that came to me first was working out.  When I am running or lifting weights and I am in my own world, the ideas seem to blossom and a new character life is born.

Driving by myself is another way I come up with ideas.  If I am not in a hurry or stressed and I can just relax with the drive, my thoughts go to different lands, worlds and dimensions.  I can come up with a whole story if the drive is long enough.

As I sat on the question some more and let sleep take my mind some where else, the realization came to me that music is part of it.  In both scenarios and out of those scenarios.  When I hear music I imagine what my characters are doing during those moments, as if they are in a movie and the music is creating tension, tenderness, madness, fear, love, etc.

My favorite artist is Enya for these moments.  Yes, I get the inspiration from other artists, but for some reason when I listen to Enya my mind quiets, the ideas roll in and I am able to envision my characters and the scenes they are creating.

My answer to finding inspiration in writing, is using the gifts of others by listening to music.  Put your headphones on, close your eyes and let the inspiration surround you.

Listening to this song, Tempus Vernum by Enya... what does it create in your mind?  What do you see when it comes to your characters?

This is only one example, but I love this composition.  Go ahead and give it a whirl.  If it does not work for you, then this is not an idea for you.  If it does, then go with it.  Embrace it.  And good luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nghia's Interview - A Utah Forensic Toxocologist

Today's interview is with someone I have known since the good old days of recess.  Nghia Nguyen came into my world back when freeze tag and kickball were the highlights of my life.  I always knew him to be quiet, but with a quick sense of humor and as we have grown up and gone on to attempt adulthood, I have been able to witness some of the awesome things he has done with his life.

It was a thrill to find out more about his life and chat with him about the difference he has made in our world.  He has a life filled with humor mixed with science, with a shake or two of fun.

1.  How would you describe yourself?

I am quirky because I have varied interests and am a homebody who is a social butterfly.


2.  If you were a chocolate candy bar, what would you be and why?

Blue Symphony because I’m nutty and smooth.


3.  Where/when is the first place you would go if you had a time machine?

I would go back and hang out with Bob Dylan in 1961 in Greenwich Village.

4.  What is your profession?

Forensic Toxicologist 

     5.   What does a typical day look like in your job?

I come to work and analyze body fluids and then testify in court regarding my findings.

     6.   If you could rewrite a part of your history, would you? 

Being kicked out of 3 colleges and being irresponsible with drug and alcohol use.

     7.   How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.  I define success with being content with your life and I think I measure up.

     8.   Who do you admire and why?

My artist friend Randi Lile because she has a career she is passionate about.

     9.   If you had one month to live, what would you do?

I would buy an around the world ticket and explore the world.

     10.   What is your number one goal in life and why?

To live my life for myself and to enjoy it.

     11.   What risk would you take if you knew you could not fail?

Quit my job and bum around the world.

     12.   How would your best friend describe you?

Loyal as fuck.

     13.   What is your perception of the world?

Pretty positive, but I think too many people sweat the little things and ignore the major things.

     14.   What’s the difference between you and most other people?


     15.   What are you doing in your life to influence the world and/or community?

My friend and I have established a charity for orphanages in Vietnam in honor of both of our parents who passed away.

     16.   If you could take only three items (aside from food and water) onto a stranded island what would they be and why?

Sunglasses because I’m sensitive to light.  Firestarter because I get cold easily and a knife because they are handy.

     17.   What is your family like?  What was their history like?

They are subdued.  I am from a refugee family.  My father was reeducated twice by communist government and I was born when he was in a camp.  I have 3 sisters.  They are all pretty successful professionally.  I am the only single one.  I am first born male child on both family lines and my offspring would play a very significant role in my family.

     18.   If you could be a superhero, which one would you be and why?

Um, I think everyday folk are superheros.

     19.   If you could change one thing and one thing only about the people of this world, what would it be?

Last but not least, here is an interview Nghia had with KSL here in Utah...

He's another inspiration to me and I enjoyed getting to know him just a little bit more.  He is always a witty conversationalist and being someone who does not fit into the standard mold here in Utah, I appreciate being able to converse with another oddball like myself.

Thank you Nghia for participating in my Inspirational Warrior Thursdays and keeping life interesting in the freezing desert of the wild west.

Nghia and I first reconnected as adults when I ran into one of his friends in Las Vegas years ago.  This friend of his attempted to convince me that he knew the Asian kid from Indiana Jones and Goonies.  I laughed and laughed and laughed when I found out he was talking about Nghia.  Who wouldn't want to know the Asian kid from Indiana Jones.  He's like an extension of Harrison Ford.  Win on everyone's part.