Getting Out Of A Writing Rut

I was asked a question the other day which really made me think.  The question was... how do I get my ideas for my books and blogs, especially when I am in a rut?

At first I did not have a great answer.

Haha!  Ironic right?

After I gave it some thought I realized I get my ideas in several different ways.  The one idea that came to me first was working out.  When I am running or lifting weights and I am in my own world, the ideas seem to blossom and a new character life is born.

Driving by myself is another way I come up with ideas.  If I am not in a hurry or stressed and I can just relax with the drive, my thoughts go to different lands, worlds and dimensions.  I can come up with a whole story if the drive is long enough.

As I sat on the question some more and let sleep take my mind some where else, the realization came to me that music is part of it.  In both scenarios and out of those scenarios.  When I hear music I imagine what my characters are doing during those moments, as if they are in a movie and the music is creating tension, tenderness, madness, fear, love, etc.

My favorite artist is Enya for these moments.  Yes, I get the inspiration from other artists, but for some reason when I listen to Enya my mind quiets, the ideas roll in and I am able to envision my characters and the scenes they are creating.

My answer to finding inspiration in writing, is using the gifts of others by listening to music.  Put your headphones on, close your eyes and let the inspiration surround you.

Listening to this song, Tempus Vernum by Enya... what does it create in your mind?  What do you see when it comes to your characters?

This is only one example, but I love this composition.  Go ahead and give it a whirl.  If it does not work for you, then this is not an idea for you.  If it does, then go with it.  Embrace it.  And good luck!


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