Friday, September 30, 2016

The Unforgiven Book Reveal


The Unforgiven


Enter the twisted, talented minds of

J.L. Clayton

R.L. Weeks

K.L. Humphreys

Aaron L Speer

Becca Moree

Valerie Roeseler

as they bring you six horrifying tales of woe and malice packed with monsters seeking revenge. These original short stories will have you looking over your shoulders and cowering under your covers in fear of what lurks in the dark.


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Seeing Red By J.L. Clayton


All her life, Challis has been bullied by the people around her, and now the thin string holding her sanity intact has snapped...The only thing she sees is crimson. They say revenge is best served cold, but Challis will take hers: hot, sticky and red! Come along for one horrific ride as author J.L.Clayton takes a forsaken girl and turns her into a heartless killer. Seeing Red has never looked so frightening.


Twisted Insanity By R.L. Weeks


Author R. L. Weeks brings you Twisted Insanity. It cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be bargained with. Jacob has been locked up for ten years, waiting for his chance to take his revenge on Gale, his ex-wife. After persuading the mental health team that he has recovered, he goes on a killing stint. Gale is about to find out the extent of his twisted insanity. facebook-button


Truth Or Dare By K.L. Humphreys


Taken to a psychotic man's playground, Becca only hopes her husband can get help to save her, before she ends up like the others.The Missing Persons Unit team know that unless they stop a madman and find missing Becca, they will be finding body parts in the forest. Author KL Humphreys will have you looking over your shoulder wondering what is really going on in the minds of those you call family. facebook-button


The Independents By Aaron L Speer



Martina Johnson is a failed traditionally published author. She's already been forgotten by the public. Martina hatches a plan to re-emerge from the shadows of obscurity, by creating a persona for herself as an indie author, the hot and mysterious Damien Kane. While her deception garners her many admirers, she also comes to the attention of the Independents. Success comes with a price and Martina hasn't paid hers. Not yet. facebook-button


Hell House By Becca Moree



A walk through the Hell House leaves Erin questioning if visiting the Carnival of Darkness was a good idea after all. The sounds pouring from the mouths of the actors in each room were just a little too good.A little too...real. Step into a world of unthinkable torture as author Becca Moree takes one innocent college student on a Halloween outing she will never forget..


Ashes of Paradise By Valerie Roeseler


In the heart of small town Sycamore stands a quiet home with a new addition to a loving couple. The Davidson’s have longed for this moment, and Abigail is the most beautiful baby they had ever dreamed of. What Olivia and Christopher Davidson don’t realize is a festering darkness grins from the shadows of Abigail’s room and leaves a piece of itself behind. Author Valerie Roeseler will enlighten you on a story you know all too well, revealing the lies within your comfortable fairytale with a twist you never saw coming. facebook-button


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Note To Self - You've Got This

It's happened again.  That moment where my body is screaming at me to slow the fuck down.

How do I know, you ask?

When my stomach churns with bubbled knots and my heart skips ferociously in my chest, while my left wrist aches with the pricks of a dozen needles, I know I have tossed myself back into the panic zone.

Eleven years ago, my older children's dad passed away, leaving me to mend their broken hearts and soothe their ravaged nightmares.  Months later, I raced to the E.R. with a pain in my chest and shortness of breath.  As I registered, the check-in lady informed me I was most likely experiencing a panic attack.  She was wrong.

After the rush of the CT Scan, I was admitted to the hospital with a Pulmonary Embolism.  My life would never be the same.

My doctor stood next to my hospital bed, listening to me cope by joking about my own death.  She cleared her throat and said, "I know this is your way to make yourself feel better, but your chances of not making it, were more significant then you realize.  Be glad you arrived, before this turned into something more dire."

My life shifted that day.  I realized I was all my children had.  Their dad had already passed on and now I couldn't be reckless in my life, because those two babies were counting on me to be in their lives every single day from here on out.

And that was the day my panic attacks became a normal occurrence in my life.

At first, they were constant, forcing me to consult my doctor and have her prescribe me Xanax.  For months I relied on that pill to keep me sane.  I hated the way I felt on them, but I despised the way I my body functioned off of them.

After nearly a year, I quit taking the pill.  Cold turkey.  Yes, I know how dangerous that is.  At least, now I know.  In the moment, I had no idea, but I was determined to take back my power.  I refused to be controlled by my anxiety, nor was I going to have my only saving grace be a little white pill.

I stopped taking the pills and I have never looked back.  Step by step, I learned to recognize my triggers and control my reactions.

Now, I'm extremely conscious of my body's reactions to the world around me.  Today, after two days of consistent panic attacks (nausea, quickened pulse, light-headiness, pain in my left wrist and an inability to think clearly) I have acknowledged I need to take a deep breath.

Sometimes, it takes me a few days to realize the pickle I have put myself in.  But now that the light has come on, I can fix it.

I am in control of my body.

And today I soothe my own self back to health, because I am my number one advocate.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Itty Bitty Tale - Look To The Stars

My mom was a woman of science and I would spend hours lying on her bed, listening to her talk about the universe and all that it encompasses. She taught me about the suns, black holes, and the planets, educating me on everything we had discovered, up to that point.

But it didn't end there.

She spoke of other intelligent life, believing that the universe would be a lonely place if other beings, humans or some form of intelligent life did not exist out in that vast amount of space.

"If you can dream it, God has already created it."

Her words.

This is why my fascination with our existence and the mysteries of our universe, interrupts my dreams and keeps me awake at night, manifesting into multiple stories, including Theia's Moons.

My stories have evolved over the years and I owe my vivid imagination to my mom and dad. They both enjoyed speaking of the stars to their children, lying out on the trampoline, in our rural little town, content to share their love for the unknown.

Cheers to the dreamers!  You keep the creative spark alive in me!

I often wonder what inspires others to write, draw, paint, compose music, etc. For everyone out in the world, what brings on that undying desire and drive to create something from nothing?