Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Precious

I'm a bit obsessed.

About books.

Really... it's a weakness of mine.

Do you see what I mean.  T-W-E-L-V-E books.


Who else LOVES to read as much as I do? My TBR List just quadrupled πŸ˜‚
On another note SLC FANX was amazing! It's been two years since my last rendezvous with them and I had forgotten how much I LOVE the local and small vendors.

I purchased a ton of treasures and I'm excited to read ALL these books!

And well... #STARWARS or better yet #DARTHVADER

And then there is #HANSOLO. Seriously, this was such a heartbreaking moment in Empire Strikes Back. I hated watching it when I was younger. He was too badass to be frozen in carbonite. I really am crying inside in this photo. Really.


There's BUTTER BEER.  And it's super sweet and sugary, and my body is cursing my choices.


But it's Butter Beer and when in Rome...
PLUS, my cute daughter and her boyfriend were running the most sought after Butter Beer booth, making them celebrities in my eyes.

And my step-daughter and I enjoyed the show. We filled up on sugar, pizza, and sushi, then plowed down the rows one at a time, conversing with the vendors and avoiding the mass amount of cosplay wings gallivanting through the crowds.

It was an eventful night.


I met some amazing, talented, and wonderful folks.

Jo Schneider... seriously, I bought EIGHT of her books. I'm so freakin' excited to read them! Cheers to being a fellow Utah Indie Author 😍

And C.L. Olsen, you had a lot to say and what appears to be a marvelous story to entertain and quench my book thirst.

AND Jean Booth from Nevada. We will meet again. Because Zombies.

Good grief. Who let the bizarres out.



He's my friend, as you can see. Our relationship is a little dysfunctional at this moment, but he caught a fish and we are going to fry that lovely up.

No he's not going to eat it raw. We are too civilized for that garbage. Oh wait.


Happy Saturday, folks 🍻

Friday, September 7, 2018

Coffee For Blondes

Friday's are my favorite day of the week. The work is winding down, the moods are lifting, and wine bottles and sushi bars are dancing in our heads.

And I'm here to tell a story. A tale to be reckoned with, and a small, tiny glimpse into my superb life.

Preparing the coffee pot the night before is the norm around my household. Most of the time, my hot fireman does that dirty work, but when he's on shift or I'm lucky enough to serve him first, I make sure I get all the glory.

On this one, marvelous night I was tidying up the kitchen, when my seventeen year old son arrives home from work. As I pull out the container of coffee, we begin a lengthy conversation about his day, my day, and what I needed him to work on the next day while I was working.

Shut off the light, turn on the alarm, and up the stairs we head to our bedrooms. For me, I was asleep within minutes. My man was on shift, but would be home in the morning, and I had the coffee set to start brewing at 6:30 A.M. Goodnight, world.

Morning always arrives too quickly. I was up and moving by 5:30 A.M. and strolling downstairs by 6:40 to fill up my coffee mug and grab my breakfast, before I headed out the door to work.



I peer down at a puddle of water on my kitchen floor. A sparkle catches my eye and my gaze wanders across the floor to find it drenched with the glistening liquid. As my mind thunders with confusion and worry, my eyes dart over to the coffee pot. It's on. BUT...

The coffee pot isn't sitting in its usual spot.

I haven't budged from the spot on the floor where my shoes met the first puddle of water, but my gaze has now traveled the entire length of the kitchen and has landed on my water filter faucet next to the sink.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Coffee pot located. Filled to the brim with water.

Well, isn't this just fantabulous. I had left the water running all night.


Lucky for me, it was the reverse osmosis water filter and it only can produce so much over a period of time. However, my kitchen floor was submerged in water, along with half of my counter, and I really wanted to be to work early.

Dropped my purse on the counter, found the beach towels hidden in the laundry room, and suddenly I'm scrubbing the kitchen floor and cursing myself for my overstimulated, busy mind.

And even though I thought I had cleaned it all up, I failed to think about other areas of the house.

A few hours later I received a text...

My man: Did you spill something in the kitchen?

Me: Ummmm, whatever do you mean?

My man: The carpet is wet next to the kitchen.

Me: Oh that. It's a long story.

I didn't check the carpet. Duh.

Lo and behold, when I arrived home, he proceeded to tell me that the contractor who was building out our basement couldn't figure out why there was a few puddles of water downstairs. I reluctantly divulged my faux pas. He laughed. HARD. Then he called me cute (I deserved that) and left the room chuckling to himself.

I'm sure him and the contractor enjoyed a barrel of laughs, courtesy of yours truly.

You're welcome 😈😎😝

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Take the First Step

Hi everyone!

It's been a while, but I'm working hard to return to blogging and create a stronger online presence πŸ˜€Plan on hearing more from me!

Today is all about books. And more specifically, my books.

Who has read my Epic Fantasy series, Theia's Moons?

If you haven't read them, don't fret. I'm not here to give away the story line. This post is all about the symbolism and how I've intertwined Malkia's life into our ordinary daily struggles. I was inspired to post this because of a readers questions on Goodreads, and the message at the end makes more sense if you read the entire article, so don't stop now!


Her life was never meant to be easy. She was not born to play small. In the first book, Eyes Wide Shut, the story begins with Malkia living in a small town where she unwillingly had been appointed the leader after the Great War ended. Although she had never intended to walk down the leadership path, she was a natural in the position and easily gained her people's love and support.

But the peace in that town and those years of serenity were never supposed to last. She had a bigger future that included staring into the faces of the people who should have been protecting her, but had instead thrown her out for the wolves.

Now let's venture down the road of why I chose the title, Eyes Wide Shut.

Malkia believes she has figured out life and what it means to her. She lost her entire family, with the exception of her sister, in the Great War. With the end of that tragedy, she was gifted the role of leadership over her community and she thrived in that position. Her adventures across the lands of Esaki created even more confidence within herself, giving her the illusion that she was really in control of her life.

As the story begins and she leads her people away from their homes, racing from the barbarians, she continues to believe her eyes are completely open to the facts of life, the conditions of the moon she lives on, and the universe around her.

But nothing is what it seems in this story of hers. And although she believes she's fully aware and conscious of her surroundings, she is in fact completely shut off from the truth. Thus, Eyes Wide Shut seemed like the appropriate title for this book.

What does this mean in every day life to the ones who chooses to read this story?

Most often than not, we as a civilization make assumptions based on the little information we possess, and forget that our perception is not always accurate. Even when we have the experience, the title, or even the "inside" scoop, we can still be mistaken. Essentially, we all believe we are right and the rest of the world is wrong, but if we opened our eyes and became conscious of our true state of being, we would realize being "right" isn't really important.

When frustrations and hardships weigh us down, and other people create even bigger messes in our lives, it may be difficult to take a step back and gain a wider view. However, for me personally, when I choose a moment of stillness and introspection, I usually gain better insight on the circumstance I am currently facing. With a little more knowledge and/or a broader scope of the subject, the issue becomes less troublesome and easier to digest.

Although Malkia's journey is far from over once Eyes Wide Shut ends, she does have a better idea of what she's facing, and because of this knowledge she is better able to prepare for her next step. If you haven't read this book, do it SOON! I want to continue discussing the stories and why I wrote them the way I did. U.S. readers grab your signed copy below, or otherwise the link to Amazon is on my website as well!

Choosing to take the first step toward your goals and dreams is my message today. Don't play small. Because once you take that step, BOOM, the next one will show up.

Until next time, my loves! Cheers 🍻