My Precious

I'm a bit obsessed.

About books.

Really... it's a weakness of mine.

Do you see what I mean.  T-W-E-L-V-E books.


Who else LOVES to read as much as I do? My TBR List just quadrupled 😂
On another note SLC FANX was amazing! It's been two years since my last rendezvous with them and I had forgotten how much I LOVE the local and small vendors.

I purchased a ton of treasures and I'm excited to read ALL these books!

And well... #STARWARS or better yet #DARTHVADER

And then there is #HANSOLO. Seriously, this was such a heartbreaking moment in Empire Strikes Back. I hated watching it when I was younger. He was too badass to be frozen in carbonite. I really am crying inside in this photo. Really.


There's BUTTER BEER.  And it's super sweet and sugary, and my body is cursing my choices.


But it's Butter Beer and when in Rome...
PLUS, my cute daughter and her boyfriend were running the most sought after Butter Beer booth, making them celebrities in my eyes.

And my step-daughter and I enjoyed the show. We filled up on sugar, pizza, and sushi, then plowed down the rows one at a time, conversing with the vendors and avoiding the mass amount of cosplay wings gallivanting through the crowds.

It was an eventful night.


I met some amazing, talented, and wonderful folks.

Jo Schneider... seriously, I bought EIGHT of her books. I'm so freakin' excited to read them! Cheers to being a fellow Utah Indie Author 😍

And C.L. Olsen, you had a lot to say and what appears to be a marvelous story to entertain and quench my book thirst.

AND Jean Booth from Nevada. We will meet again. Because Zombies.

Good grief. Who let the bizarres out.



He's my friend, as you can see. Our relationship is a little dysfunctional at this moment, but he caught a fish and we are going to fry that lovely up.

No he's not going to eat it raw. We are too civilized for that garbage. Oh wait.


Happy Saturday, folks 🍻


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