When In Doubt... Dance It Out

January 1st, 2021...

I can hear the sigh of relief around the world. For good reason. 2020 was a turbulent year for most and we are all grateful to say adios to its grip on us.

This time last year I was flying into Las Vegas for mine and my partner's birthday bash vacation. We dined, played, and shopped for three days straight, then flew back home on the fifth of January. A woman sitting behind us coughed the entire hour and half flight and one week later we were both sick as dogs with bronchitis. And I had surgery scheduled for January 29th.

With the help of elderberry syrup, garlic supplements, and colloidal silver I beat my cough, severe body aches, and inability to breath within ten days.  Thank the Gods, I did not miss my surgery.

2020 Growth Mindset

Did I have Covid19?  Possibly. It is too late to determine that now, but since January 2020 I have not been sick. The only signs of illness was my three month post-surgery detox of silicone and heavy metals from my system (more info on earlier posts). It was ugly. My body does not do well with foreign objects. Number one lesson learned from 2020.

Number two lesson... I am not prepared for the calamity and terror of earthquakes. With the Utah 5.7 magnitude shake jolting me off the couch in the early morning of March 18th, I realized I had no idea how scary or destructive those suckers can be and I pray to all the Gods and Universe I will never have to experience one again. But just in case, I am more prepared if it happens again.

My third lesson for 2020... being a friend and reaching out to those I love is by far the most fulfilling. I have gained closer friendships, become more aware of the needs and wants of my loved ones, and have consciously shifted my awareness to see others for the soul I have known all along.

Fourth lesson... pausing works for me. My meditation practice became choppy for several months, but with the pause of life I learned better ways to tune into my inner knowing. It is intoxicating to connect with my higher power, the universe, God, Goddess, the angels... whatever title the world wants to place on that euphoric ascension. I will always be a work in process, but finally learning how to alchemize the energies that surround me into magic and positive vibes is by far my greatest leap in this life.

2021 Vision

My three words for 2021 are VISIONARY, ACHIEVEMENT, and ENERGETIC. If I were to add a fourth word, it would be FOCUS. I have gigantic goals to accomplish this year and it will require all four of those mindsets.

Writing books and blogging will be my main focus on the business side of my life for 2021. I have a list of stories I plan on publishing this year and into the next, and in order to achieve that milestone, my life will need to shift in a way I have never done before. Stay tuned for more on that later.

Family... my loved ones are always my number one priority and this year will be no different. Together we are climbing a mountain that at times appears impossible, but we know when we arrive at the top, the view will be breathtaking. Two Capricorns at the helm. We've got this.

My health is taking front seat, alongside the above. After nearly a year of detoxing and allowing my body to heal naturally, it is time to take the bull by the horns and lead myself into the best health ever. Today I begin with my second VITAMIN C FLUSH. Have you done one of these before? More to come on that one as well!

When In Doubt

Dance it out. Really. Do it.

Dancing is my magic and it can be yours too. No need to dance like no one is watching. Just dance. Alone, in front of your pets, outside, inside, with your family or friends, etc. If you feel confused, unsure of your next step, unable to move forward, whatever it may be, take a pause and dance. Turn the music up high, grab your partner, child, roommate and shake that booty. You will thank me later.

Until next time, my friends, I am sending you peace, love, and HIGH VIBES!


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