Lucky Forty-Four Birthday

Another trip around the sun completed. Except this one feels different. Maybe it is because 2020 was ridiculously chaotic with a pandemic, earthquakes, riots, and an election year from hell. All my positivity is still alive and kickin', but even I am feeling the exhaustion from it all. I am ready to move on to a better 2021.

Who is with me on this one?

I have GIGANTIC goals and I cannot wait to start sharing them.

In February, the final book of my CHAOS AWAKENED SAGA will release and that will end the elemental's fight for survival. Have you checked out the series? If you have read any of the books, I would love a review on any platform, Amazon, Goodreads, iBooks, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


There are plans to complete the audiobooks for the series as well and once that is done my readers will be the first to know!

From there, I have a new Urban Fantasy in the works and I am hoping to publish book one of six in July. Stay tuned for the preorder link and updates on that world soon!

Next, THEIA'S MOONS will most likely be rebranded. If I do not slap on new covers, I will at least be adding a FREE short story and combining the four full novels into a boxset.

And lastly, I am creating another personality, i.e. pen name! The first story written by my alter ego is already a work in process and I am working hard to begin releasing in August or September. New name means all new social media. I hope you will follow me over for Reverse Harem Supernatural, Angels and Demons stories! More on that later.

Deep breaths, Niki. You've got this.

On top of all that, my health is getting a reboot and we are completing a few projects around the house. So much has happened since January 2020, between DYI house projects, learning all I can about marketing and writing, and detoxing the toxins from my body, I have a wealth of information to share with all of you.

Until then, cheers! Sending you all peace, love, and high vibes!


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