Itty Bitty Tale - Look To The Stars

My mom was a woman of science and I would spend hours lying on her bed, listening to her talk about the universe and all that it encompasses. She taught me about the suns, black holes, and the planets, educating me on everything we had discovered, up to that point.

But it didn't end there.

She spoke of other intelligent life, believing that the universe would be a lonely place if other beings, humans or some form of intelligent life did not exist out in that vast amount of space.

"If you can dream it, God has already created it."

Her words.

This is why my fascination with our existence and the mysteries of our universe, interrupts my dreams and keeps me awake at night, manifesting into multiple stories, including Theia's Moons.

My stories have evolved over the years and I owe my vivid imagination to my mom and dad. They both enjoyed speaking of the stars to their children, lying out on the trampoline, in our rural little town, content to share their love for the unknown.

Cheers to the dreamers!  You keep the creative spark alive in me!

I often wonder what inspires others to write, draw, paint, compose music, etc. For everyone out in the world, what brings on that undying desire and drive to create something from nothing?   


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