The Beginning of My New Journey

Today is January 31st 2012 and the last day before I begin my New Years resolutions.  I know I know… it’s a month into the year and I’m just starting.  I’ve always had a bad habit of not starting anything until after my birthday on January 2nd and it seems to carry all the way through January.  But I have another reason for waiting.  A few weeks ago my sister told me about a book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  I purchased it through Amazon that day and got it two days later.  I began to read this amazing guide and quickly discovered how brilliant her idea is.  I always have the hardest time keeping any of my New Years resolutions, but her idea was to tackle one idea or item on your list a month.  She called it her happiness project.  What an amazing idea!  I can do one month and one item per month.  That is so much easier than thinking of changing a bunch of things all year long… it never happens! 

So… February 1st will be the beginning of changing my life, one step and one month at a time.  I decided to copy Gretchen’s idea of using Energy as the first month.  However, my ideas for energy are slightly different from her idea.   I have many ideas to gain more energy and I would like to implement as many as I can this month.  Here is my list of ideas:

1.       Exercise 6 days a week, at least 30 minutes each day

2.       Cut processed food/sugar out of my diet

3.       Eat more fruits, veggies and protein

4.       Meditate daily

5.       Speak positive about life and people in my life

6.       Avoid any kind of gossip

7.       Avoid negative people and circumstances (find good in all situations)

8.       Write in my journal daily

9.       Laugh more

10.   Take my vitamins daily

11.   Go to bed early, wake up early

12.   Watch the sunrise at least once a week

13.   No matter how hard it is, act the way I want to feel

14.   De-clutter my house (this will be a stepping stone to my next month)

I spent the past 6 months working out regularly, except these past 2 weeks.  So, my goal is to get back into exercise 5-6 times a week and eat a well-balanced diet, eliminating all processed sugars for the whole month of February.  Once the month is over I figure 4-5 times a week of exercise and small amounts of processed sugars.  I deserve to honor my body by treating it to large amounts of fruits and veggies, with a few treats here and there!  But none for the month of February.  I will surround myself with upbeat and positive people and eliminate any negative gossip from my life.  Meditation will be a daily activity in my life again… consisting of at least 15 minutes each day.  I will go to bed early and wake up early, no matter how hard it is.  And I will take the time to enjoy the sunrise.  I don’t remember the last time I just sat and watched the sunrise.  It seems like I am always rushing around getting ready for the day and I forget to enjoy the small wonders of this life.  On top of all of this I will be more upbeat and positive even when I don’t want to.  I know from personal experience that acting the way you want to feel will help you actually get in that mood.  So, no matter how hard it is I will be happy and positive and keep as much negative emotion out of my life as possible.

The last item on my list will lead into the month of March which will be organizing my life.  My house needs some serious de-cluttering.  It isn’t horrible, but there is enough stuff to drive me bonkers every time I have to see it.  I already started with my own closet and room, so once the month starts I will continue on de-cluttering the rest of the house.  Then when March is here I can move right into the organizing part. 

I plan on updating this blog as much as possible, but don’t be surprised if I miss a day here and there.  My days are busy with kids, work and my house and if something has to go it will be updating the blog.  But I am excited about my new journey and look forward to hearing any feedback!


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