Beginning of Month 2 - Organization

So... this past month was a challenge, but I made it through and I really think I did a great job.  I didn't have even one sip of soda and I ate very little refined sugars or processed foods.  Towards the end of the month I was a little more lenient on the sugars and foods, but I kept it down to a minimum and I'm proud of myself.  I really don't want to go back to the way I was eating before February.  I'm not saying I won't have treats or sweets or even pastas and breads... but I will definitely keep my rations smaller and enjoy to the fullest when I do eat them. 

My past month has been challenging for many reasons besides the lack of sugar in my diet!  I have been having some major family problems and I have been struggling to focus and keep myself on this new path of mine.  It has been rough and it is definitely not over yet, but I know when I get to the other end of this trial I will be stronger and better prepared for all life can offer me. 

I have read this quote several times over this past week and it has helped me realize how much I have allowed myself to be stifled and lost into the roles society expects from me.  I have ignored my gift of intuition and forgotten who I am.  I am a beautiful, inspiring, powerful, loving woman of light and I choose from this day on to remember this.  I'm not going to allow anyone to sway me from what I feel is right for me and I not going to question my God given gift of intuition.  This has been a hard road these past few months, but from here on out I am powerful and I am strong and I will make it through these hard times.  I will continue to feel joy in the things that matter most and get rid of the things in my life that cause me unhappiness. 

The month of March I said I would focus on organization and that is still the plan.  I did a few things in February to prepare for this and I am looking forward to cleaning, organizing and recycling.  This also pertains to my life emotional and spiritually.  I am ready for a change and I know with God's assistance and presence in my life I will have the strength and courage to do anything I put my mind to.

I will keep updating this blog as much as possible and I am looking forward to seeing the positive changes that will occur in my life as I live it to the fullest and continue to remember who I am!


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