True Story - Update #1

Two weeks into my new eating plan and well... I have not seen much change.  In fact, total I have probably whittled off a half of an inch.

Not very encouraging.

Last time I put myself on such a strict diet, the inches just melted off.  This time... nothing. 

I don't feel any better.

My waist still feels inflamed or bloated or just plain jiggly.

My clothes fit exactly the same.

I know.  I know.  It has only been two weeks.

I am still going at it.  I am still working out like a champ.

That is really all I have on that subject.  Haha!  I was hoping for more, but it is just not happening. 

 Here are some things I have been working on as well:

Google+ Niki Livingston author page

ALL my different author platforms!  Holy bananas are they a bunch of work.  Not to mention I am still maintaining this blog as well!  Honestly, I do not know how I am keeping track of them all or how to continue to use them all to market Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut.

Come take a look at all of them and let me know what you think!!  I am working overtime to create a solid foundation with my readers and other authors.  I would love your thoughts or ideas (advice would be greatly appreciated)!

I will update on my fitness progress in a week or so.  Cross your fingers that these next two weeks will be successful!

Thanks for reading and please check out some of my other platforms!


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