Happy 2016

2015... what a ride.

Honestly, this past year was a bitch of a year. I have no other way to describe except this one word.  


I had more life lessons thrown at me in this last year, then I have had in an extremely long time. The universe must have known it was my turn to get the shit kicked out of me.

And now here we are, embarking on a new year. As I peek back on this past year and glare at all the madness it held, I can't help but see goodness in all of it.

Isn't that the kicker?

When you get to the end (cross your fingers), you can see why or how those events in your life better shaped you as a human being.

Between my family, my full-time day job, and writing it seems there were obstacles and battles at every turn.

Raising four children between the ages of 6 and 16 has its challenges. It is not easy to reason with two teenagers who feel they have already seen the worst life can offer. It is equally difficult to reason with a six and ten year old, who believe their teachers and peers are smarter than their parents. It can add a stress to any parents life. One thing I have noticed, the silver lining per say... we have grown better and stronger as a family over the past year. We have fought, we have played mental tug-of-war and we have silently punished each other in order to make a point. However, we now understand each other better than we did a year ago. We have tighter bond. For that I am grateful and I am looking forward to a calmer year because of it.

Writing my novel and in my blogs has been an upward battle. The kind of struggle where I have my back to the edge of a cliff, peering upwards at another steep cliff and my body aches from the climb. It has been endless days of wanting to quit or not knowing what direction to go in.

Luckily, I have people. One of them in particular is my hero. He is a man of honor and strength and he has stood by me no matter how frustrated and upset I have become. I am overjoyed to have him in my life and call him my life partner and lover. I could not have found a better person to put up with the drama in my own head.

Writing the second novel of Theia's Moons has been a gift to me. Although, there were several bumps in the road and frustration on multiple occasions. When I had those moments of clarity and absolute genius, I knew this book would be amazing. And with the right people falling into my lap to help out, it has become a work of art. I am super excited to publish it and I have already begun writing book number three.

This series will be a number one seller and I cannot wait to share the whole story with the world!

I have to say, although I hate experiencing the lows of life and I despise being down on the bottom end of the wheel, I am grateful I can pull myself out of there. I can see my life heading back up to the top and for a time I get to have my place in the awesomeness of life.

Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut is still for sale on Amazon:


And come February 2nd, Enyo's Warrior will be available for purchase. Stay tuned for pre-order info once I determine the official date.

I will continue to work on the Novella for Theia's Moons and will post the chapters on that blog and Wattpad. I will also continue with my Inspirational Warrior posts, but I will change it to once a month, for now, so I can focus on the third book of Theia's Moons.

Thank you to all my fans, for all the wonderful friends and family who have supported me and for my handsome man who supports me in all my goals, dreams, and plans. I would not be where I am today without all of you!

I want to wish all of you a happy and successful 2016.

XXXXX - Niki Livingston


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