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What a ride this past month has been!  Whoosh, and now we are diving into February.

I wanted to continue with my Inspirational Warrior Thursday Interviews, and I plan on improving my consistency. However, as of now, it remains a work in process. Today, I am simply going to share some of my thoughts with you.

Nothing new, right?

Becoming an author and embarking on a journey of writing, has shown me more about myself and the people around me, then any other adventure I have ventured. I have fumbled out of my bubble, stepping lightly, but stepping nonetheless. This has been one of my greatest achievements on this road, and I have grown to appreciate others who have vigorously pursued their dreams and passions, failing miserably many times, while grasping onto the few exhilarating moments with everything they possess.

My family tolerated me this past month, while I enjoyed the harsh critique of my novel, and with the assistance of my editor, molded my writing into a work of art. It was a battle, which I did not believe I would survive. There were several moments of impending peril, looming over my head, as I yanked on my thick skin, and worked until my body ached and my eyes blurred with technology overload.

I owe a great deal to my lovelies. They are my world, and I want them to know how much I appreciate their support. They have endured my bad moods, my frustrated tantrums, and biting words, all in the name of my passion. To my handsome hero, thank you for holding me up, and cheering me on, even in the moments where I no longer wanted to continue. You are the reason I did not falter.

There it is. I had my moments of weakness, frustration, and sadness. I am human after all.

On the flip side, I have published the book, and I am thrilled to know I created this work of art! No one said, following your passion and dreams would be easy. They only claimed it would be worth it.

As I travel down the road of the next book, I will know a more superior way to deal with my negative emotions, and conquer my own demons, as I embark on the journey with Malkia, around Theia's Moons ;)

Join the rest of us nerds, and check out my new novel, Enyo's Warrior!

Thanks everyone for your continued support! I hope you enjoy the read, and please leave me a review on Amazon and Goodreads! Spread the LOVE!



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