Powerful Warrior Mama's

My six year old asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, and I told him, "Peace and quiet."  He was silent for a moment, and then responded with, "But only on Mother's Day, right?"  Ha! 

Maybe someday he will learn!

I was reading this article from Working Mothers and I thought how great it is to be honoring such strong and powerful mothers.


As I was reading, my thoughts turned to all the mother's in my life, who I believe deserve some recognition, and within moments I had a lengthy mental list.  Just to name a few...

1. My Mother - Mary Patricia

What a woman.  She successfully raised seven children, and somehow managed not to strangle any of us through our teenage years.  Now that I have teenagers of my own, that accomplishment alone makes my admiration for her grow 100 fold.

She was tough on us and she held us to a high standard, but no matter what mistakes we made in our lives, she was there to pat our head or give us a hug.  She refused to enable us, and insisted we learn from our blunders, but she was always a phone call away if we needed to cry, vent or curse the world.  She was the epitome of love.

2. My Two Older Sisters

They have teased and sometimes tortured me my entire life, but these two women have been on my hero list for as long as I can remember.  They are strong mothers, who are raising wonderful children, and I can only hope I am half the mother they are.

3. My Sister-In-Laws

The fact that they are my sister-in-laws is reason enough for me to admire them.  I know my brothers and several of their habits, and these women are hero's for putting up with them.  But not only do they put up with them, they love, appreciate, and honor them as their husbands and the father of their children. They are some of the most patient and beautiful women I know, and I am grateful to have them be a member of our dysfunctional family.

4. My Dad's Wife - Sheri

Can I just say, putting up with my brothers is one feat, but guess who raised them?  Ha!  My dad is a lucky man to have found a woman who has the patience and serenity, which Sheri possesses.  She treats him well, and endures his jokes, while remaining classy and graceful.  She welcomed all seven of us misfits, plus our families into her life with open arms, and we have loved her ever since.  I admire her strength and love how supportive she is of all us, while being a never ending support to her own children and grandchildren.

5. My Partner's Mother - Kathy

I've only had the pleasure of meeting up in Colorado with her twice, but she has treated us like family from the first day we met.  Not only that, she raised a warrior.  A man who loves with his whole heart and has shown me how a real man treats a woman.  Because of her strength and guidance, she has given the world someone who is not only a hero to our community, but to myself and our family as well.  I am filled with gratitude knowing she is a part of mine and my children's lives.

6. My Kids Grandma - RoniLynn

This woman has a heart of gold.  She loves my kids with everything she has, and no matter what the time or distance, she makes sure they know they are loved.  As well, she let's me know that she loves me, and reminds me of my worth as a mother.  She successfully ran her own business for many years, and after selling it, she continued to pursue her passions, while taking care of her husband, children and grandchildren.  I have watched her go through one trial after another, and every time she rises above the ashes and resonates with a strength I have yet to know. 

7. All The Women I Work With

I can't say enough about my work friends.  I see these women four days of the week, all day long, and I cannot think of one who does not embody strength, dignity and beauty.  They work hard, endlessly striving to make the company we work for, that much better.  The ones who have children, spend hours after work and on weekends, cooking, chauffeuring, cleaning, doing homework and after putting them all to bed, having a few moments to themselves, before their exhausted bodies dive into dreamland.  These women know how to make the impossible happen.  They are powerful warriors in my book.

8. Animal Mama's

These women love their animals and deserve to be recognized for the good they do in our world.  I have a number of friends, who enjoy being an animal mama and have given these pets the love and safety they deserve, as living creatures of our Earth.  

To say I'm lucky, is an understatement.  I am surrounded by powerful women, and they have all been an example to me in one way or another.  I could go on about so many different women, and name them each one by one, but it would take too long and someone is bound to cry tears of boredom.  So I will leave you with this...

Don't forget to let the mom's in your lives know they are important, because they need love too.  Not only on Mother's Day, but every single day of the year.  They love their children with all their heart, and have sacrificed their time, body, and sanity to give them the best lives possible.  It means the world to them to know they mean something to their loved ones.  So go hug a mom today... but not in a creepy way... meaning, if you don't know them personally, don't hug them. 

Who in your life is a powerful warrior mama?


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