Itty-Bitty Tale - Childhood Adventures

Adventure was the norm in my family. We were always going somewhere, doing something. My dad loved to go camping, and we did the extreme camping in the middle of Timbuktu, where the bears and wolves were waiting in the shadows ready to chow down on our scrawny limbs... maybe that's why we survived.

My childhood was filled with panning for gold, searching for Native American writings, and afternoons traveling down the Snake River with my cousins. Just to name a few.

Growing up, my mom would tell me stories of the stars, and what she believed was out there. My dad introduced Star Wars, Star Trek, E.T., and even Alien to me at an early age. We were surrounded by adventure, along with a fascination of our universe. We had my mom's scientific views and my dad's imagination. Our young minds were filled with their knowledge and words.

My parent's passed this on to me, and to honor them, I write. I take my past, and their many stories, and I twist them into a new and exciting fantasy.

Join me in my adventures! It is only going to get better from here!

***Picture is from the mid 80s with four of my siblings (there are seven of us) and my parent's. Adorable, right? 


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