Wild Dreams

Who else has the most wild dreams???

Some mornings I wake, shaking my head at the universe and think, am I ever going to receive a well rested night again? Nearly every night my mind goes on an adventure, but in the morning I rarely can recall what happened. However, I always remember the feeling of my dreams.

This morning I was all out of sorts. Not in the, "woke on the wrong side of the bed" sorts, but more that I felt unraveled. The pieces of my life were refusing to fit back into their tidy little spots and I know it had something to do with my dreams. If only the memories would stop eluding me.

What message is the universe attempting to deliver to me this time?!?!

I've had several people lately, out of the blue, tell me it's important to listen to the messages in my dreams. I write them down when I can recall them, but how do I remember the ones that seem to flit off with the morning sun, abandoning me with the residual feelings of my forgotten adventure??

Who else has unknown messages from the universe, dancing through your dreams?

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