Rise And Conquer Project - Months 2-4

What a summer! Right?!?

Where has the time gone and why have I not been blogging?

Honestly, it's been a whirlwind these past three months and I'm thrilled to say, I've accomplished so much!  My first month of this Rise and Conquer project was all about me.  I spent the entire month soaking in and absorbing self-love, and it went beautifully.

June was Completing Unfinished Projects and July was Working on Relationships.  Did I succeed?  Not entirely. So, August was all three of the past 3 months.

I continued to bath in self-love, while connecting more with the people in my life and working on the dozens of projects I have started.  Like I said, it's been a whirlwind!

Completing Unfinished Projects
- Finished and published Damon's story in the Theia's Moons series.
- Nearly finished painting all the doors, door frames, and trim in my house.
- Moved my older son into his own room.
- Cleaned and organized the laundry room.
- Finished Wicked Heart, which will be appearing in the Anti-Valentine Anthology.

I have a few other projects that I didn't have the chance to start, but cross your fingers and toes they will be finished before the end of 2017.

Working On Relationships
- Less reaction and more patience
- Meditating to clear my mind of frustrations
- Speak kindly to others, even when I'm irritated
- Listen to concerns about myself without being defensive

This one was difficult for me, but each day I worked on it more and more, and although I know I still have more work, I believe I've come leaps and bounds since July began.  And I really hope that my friends and family have noticed a positive shift in how I speak with and love them.

I'm moving into September and I've accomplished more than I thought I would, but now I have to pick my next month's project.  Stay tuned for what that is 😏

One thing I have taken away from all this, is patience with myself.  I have pushed my body and mind to their max and some days I've beat myself up for not being able to do better, but last night as I was getting ready for bed, I pulled out my tarot cards and said a silent prayer to my spirit guide or guardian angel. I believe in an after life, but my vision is very different from most religious people. Tarot cards are a guide or answer to prayers and last night I believe I received my answer.  I pulled this card:

It was given to me in the Challenger position and this is what it means...
The Well Watcher comes to let you know that you've run out of steam. Self-will alone isn't enough to make things happen.  All cannot be yours at this time.  If you feel you're going nowhere, it's because you're meant to stay put.  Willfulness can lead to your becoming like the bull in a china shop, creating havoc as you push forward.

Remember the sacred, creative Source of the water in the well.  Drink some, be still, and contemplate the true origin of power.  It isn't you.  So drink deeply of the Wisdom of the Divine, and listen to the beautiful music playing through you life.  When you've made conscious contact with your higher power you can move forward again, replenished and renewed.
Yesterday I felt stuck and frustrated, because I wanted to accomplish more than I possibly could, in a short amount of time.  I sat in front of my computer, wanting to write my stories, but my imagination was not connecting to my fingers.  Everything I began working on, wasn't going as planned and when I read that card, I knew they were right.  I was forcing myself to keep going, even though my mind and body needed to relax and connect with my Source.  So, that's what I did.

This morning I woke feeling different.  And when I sat down to write, the words that had been so difficult to write yesterday and most of this past week, flowed without restraint.

I don't always receive such a direct answer, so I'm grateful when I do and I'm happy to know there is some kind of energy or source out there, that is willing to still guide us arrogant and ungrateful humans 😁😈 Peace out, until next time.


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