Choosing To Be Less Reactive

💋 Deep Breaths 💋

It's kind of my thing. If you know me in person, you've probably heard me say this to myself, to you, or to someone else in our vicinity. Especially recently, as I've been working on being less reactive towards the people around me. My kids are familiar with my tactics to calm their storms and this is by far the most effective.

Whether it's in person, in an email, or on a text, I've failed on a multitude of occasions to correctly interpret what is being said. There are times, after I've reacted, that I've reread an email or text and groaned from my ah-fuck moment. It wasn't them, it was me!

One of my goals this year, is to learn how to be less reactive and more patient. I have my Rise and Conquer project in overdrive, as I careen up and down these slopes, encouraging myself to take "DEEP BREATHS" and they have made all the difference! Sometimes it's all I need to clear my head and realize how close I was to making a complete and utter fool of myself 😂

Not everything I interpret is correct. My perception is mine alone, and when I don't take the time to properly understand what is being said, I create a conflict that was unnecessary and unwarranted. Sometimes, it really is best to ignore what is being said, take the deep breaths and greet the issue with silent and internal introspection. Not everything requires my response, especially if it only creates more havoc and toxic energy in my immediate surroundings. I'm learning to love myself enough to realize, I'm better than this and I won't allow myself to dim my light just so I can be right.

It's a positive energy high when I choose to turn the other cheek and move on with my life, without allowing others to yank me down to their level. Let that be their karma. Let them bathe in the sorrows of their choices. But don't join them. This is your journey, your life, your choices, and it is far more thrilling the higher a person rises, then staying stuck in the filthy muck of life.

I chose "Rise and Conquer" as my motto, because every day I want to push myself to continue to rise, even when I'm surrounded by failure. Rising doesn't exclude those moments, as long as I take them as lessons learned and not for reasons to give up. I conquer not only my goals and my day, but I conquer myself. Every single day I choose to be better than I was the day before.

So, take the deep breaths. Rise to new and more exciting levels. And conquer the person you were yesterday, in order to create a better you.

Give my blog a follow. Join in my journey to Rise and Conquer and I will see you on the next level of life 😍


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