How to Cure a Booty Tickle

Here we go!  I'm just going to hurdle myself right into this one!

Curing a Booty Tickle
  1. Get back into your car (skip this step, and jump straight to #3 if you never left your house).
  2. Drive home and go inside, locking the door behind you.
  3. Turn off your phone and all other electronics.
  4. Peel off your day clothes.
  5. Slip back into comfy pjs or sweats or your birthday suit. Whichever feels best for your soul.
  6. Crawl under you blankets and snuggle into their warmth.
  7. Go back to sleep. 
  8. AND/OR
  9. Surround yourself with high energy people and rise to their level.
For those who don't know...

Booty Tickled = Butt Hurt

Reference is courtesy of my dazzling friend, Deyra.

This is exactly where I found myself on the morning of my birthday, this past Tuesday, January 2nd.  I had an extreme case of the booty tickles and I was flabbergasted on how to halt its assault on my wounded heart.  I thought the first night's sleep would help, but I tossed and turned, unable to prevent my booty tickle from growing to an agonizing consumption of my logical mind.  By the next day, I was lashing out at everyone around me, buried neck deep in a pity party prepped just for one 😡

I stomped into work, frustrated and angry, wanting to avoid all contact with the people I worked with. Luckily, they weren't having any of my garbage.  First, my wonderful and talented friend roasted the owner of the company, and I couldn't help myself but to laugh and smile, temporarily vacating my inner party.  So, if you don't have the luxury of returning to your house right away, surround yourself with happy people and just sit back, allowing them to satiate the air with their good vibes.

And as my good fortune continued, despite my rotten attitude, my co-workers surprised me with a well-rehearsed serenade of the Happy Birthday melody, followed with a massive chunk of chocolate bundt cake, leaving me in a sugar induced, but overly satisfied coma.  I realized in that moment, my life experiences its extreme downs, like everyone else in this world, but I'm still surrounded by some fantastic people. I'm one lucky gal.

I arrived home to a family who loves me and acknowledges their own shortcomings, wrapping me in a warm cocoon of affection.  My final piece to my get-over-it remedy, was that night when I finally did crawl into my bed and was able to sleep away the rest of the hurt. In the morning, I stepped out of my cocoon, inhaled a grateful breath of relief and spread my wings to my renewed sense of life.

My step-by-step advice on how to cure a booty tickle is legit 😀  Practice it!  I highly doubt it well fail you.  And yes, surrounding yourself with happy people might be all the medicine a person needs, but in my experience a good night's rest will almost always provide a clearer perspective.  Honor your feelings, but know when to adjust them.  And always love yourself enough to step away from the situation until you're able to bring clarity to your mind.

Cheers, my angel friends 😘

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