Sometimes Love Arrives Too Late

A little naughty.
A bit disturbing.
A lot wicked.

Sometimes love arrives too late.

She was just a young girl.



But now Sami's been forced into a torturous solitude, with only her thoughts to amuse and consume her. Will love, once again, be allowed into her darkened heart or will the heartbreak of her past keep her its prisoner until her last breath?


As she traipsed up a small hill, a sense of dread rose in her throat and as she made it to the top, her heart shattered inside her chest. A scream filled her ears, and her legs sprinted toward the tree in front of her. Clawing at the bark, she climbed as fast as she could, sliding back down several times before she made it to the rope tied to the cracked branch. Easing her way out toward it, a simmering heat rose in her cheeks as panic swept through every cell in her body. 

Don’t be dead,” she cried out, as she leaned against the branch and fumbled with the knot. Her fingers began to bleed as she dug at the course rope, staring down at the top of Cassie’s head. 

After dozens of attempts she felt the branch dip down and she realized that was her only chance to save her friend. She grasped onto another branch and pulled herself to her feet, jumping as high as she could, over and over again. Her trembling fingers ached as she held onto the branch and watched Cassie’s lifeless body slam into the dirt below. A cackle from the brush, caught her attention and she wriggled her way back to the trunk, peering down at the three boys emerging from the shadows.

What have you done?” she screamed at them, sobs shaking her entire body as her eyes darted between Cassie and the boys.

“She was a whore,” the tallest boy yelled back, a wide grin plastered across his face.

No, she wasn’t,” Sami cried, despair gripping at her chest as vomit crawled up her throat. “She was my best friend and has never even kissed a boy.”

“We know,” another boy hollered, winking at her. “She only kisses girls. Girls like you.” They all howled with laughter. “You’re next.”

The three boys pulled a ladder from the brush and set it against the trunk of the tree. The tallest one climbed first, drawing closer to her. Her pulse beat furiously in her ears and she looked around for an escape route. A fire erupted in her chest and she remembered the night of her mother’s execution. Her father had begged her to never allow her powers to emerge in public, but she had no choice.

Glaring down at the boys, she squeezed her eyes shut and focused on the powers within. Suddenly, a burst of energy shot out from the core of her body, and she was flung from the tree, opening her eyes just as she struck the ground. She gasped for air and rolled over on her stomach, spots of white fading in and out as she concentrated on not passing out.

Drawing in a few deep breaths, she fought the blackness as her gaze darted around, searching for the three boys. Their bodies were sprawled across the terrain, lying on the other end of the tree, burnt to a crisp, along with Cassie’s body, which had settled onto the ground just a few feet away. She quivered as the tears tumbled from her eyelids, scooting an inch toward her friend, just as the darkness edged its way over her eyes.


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