Repairing My Self-Care

We repeat what we don't repair. -Unknown

These past few years I have come to know the importance of self-care. It's been a topic I have become passionate about, mostly because I realized how long I went without it. Even when I thought I was taking time-outs, they weren't enough to heal my body, soul, and mind.

Balancing all three is the key.

Self-care is so much more than an hour massage. It's just not enough when you jump right back into the stressful behaviors you were running from in the first place. It's more than a bubble bath or a night of reading or a walk with the dog or a mani/pedi. Even though I believe all of those are important, and I highly encourage a variety of self-care, I do believe that without the internal focus and healing, none of those moments will continue on when you return to the hustle and bustle of life.

This past week I came down with a chest cold that knocked me down hard. It has been a long time since I've been this sick. But even still, I worked in the office every single day, because my mind kept telling me, it's better to suffer through it then catch up on the work later.

I was wrong.

By Friday afternoon I was exhausted. I curled up underneath my heated blanket and was out for an hour and a half. I didn't even have to try to fall asleep. My body was done with my nonsense.

After I woke, I laid in silence for about a half an hour reflecting back on my week and why this sickness has rocked my world.

Many good things happened the weeks before this cold struck me, but there were several unpleasant moments that created tension within me and I knew they were the reason my body had finally turned on me.

This is not a new topic to this blog, and as a Capricorn I know I have a tendency to work myself into sickness. But it has been several years since it has hit me this hard. And it was time to let it out. It was time to accept the circumstances and let go of my frustrations, disappointments, and deep hurt. The events that had taken place were out of my control and I did the best that I could with the tools I was given.

And next time I will know better.

I forgave myself in that moment and I was reminded of who I am. And then I gave myself permission to rest for the weekend. To take care of my body, for one, but to also heal my mind and soul.

I spent several hours in meditation, ceremony, and prayer, and because of this I reconnected with my higher self, my angels, and my Creator. It's a reminder that self-care is the cornerstones of my foundation and when I pause, allowing myself to heal from the inside out, I can rise again to face the world and the mountain of goals and obstacles ahead of me.

What makes me human?

I forget to take care of myself, because I'm so focused on the end game. Sometimes it takes my body shutting down to remind me to slow down and take a breath. Thankfully, these moments are becoming few and far in between. I am evolving. I am becoming wiser.

My suggestions for self-care consist of AT LEAST ONE HOUR each day:

-Daily meditation, prayer, and ceremony to connect with the energy that has created us all
-Listening/singing to music
-Exercise, walking around the block, yoga, running, lifting weights, etc.
-Bubble baths
-Art of any kind
-Massage/facial/spa day
-Find a high vibration hobby that allows you to find peace and relaxation
-Closing your eyes and emptying your mind

And on days where you are worn to pieces, give yourself permission to take it easy for the entire day. It's a difficult concept for a Capricorn to accept, so if I can do it, the rest of the world can as well 😉


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