Manifestation Requires Action

The first time I heard about the Law of Attraction I was baffled by this belief. I honestly felt it meant you could just sit on your couch and tell the universe what you wanted and eventually it would appear. At that time, it seemed like a bizarre and far-fetched philosophy.

Now, years later, I have seen first hand what it truly means.

Manifestation of any kind requires action on our part.

The harder I work and give to the world, the more the universe provides for my life. It does not mean I have to work myself into my grave, but it does mean I cannot sit back and ask for abundance to arrive into my space without giving anything in return.

Becoming an author was a lifelong dream of mine. When the time arrived for me to choose if I really wanted this life, it was not a matter of HOW I would make it happen; all that was necessary is that I take that first step. From there, pieces of the puzzle fell into place, as long as I kept going. There was not the option to just wait for editors, graphic designers, book bloggers, etc to come to me. My one requirement from the universe is that I continued to take the steps as they arrived before me and not worry about when the next one would present itself.

Because when I did stress about the HOW and the next step, I fell back, repeating my old habits of self-doubt and negativity. Trusting this process will continue to occur is by far one of my most challenging beliefs, even after witnessing its truth. Despite my failures and moments of faltering, it is still what I circle back to time and time again, because it works.

As I press forward with the knowledge I do possess, more opportunities and lessons present themselves. Over and over again. My growth is unstoppable as long as I keep the faith.

THIS is the Law of Attraction. Taking action toward what I desire my life to be and allowing the universe to provide each step as they are needed.

And being grateful as those moments arrive.

What steps have you taken to create your magical life?


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