Choosing Health - My Breast Implant Illness Journey

I feel like a new person. Especially after this past week. For years I have tried diet after diet to lose the weight that crept on slowly, pound after pound. And it was not stopping, no matter what I did. It was discouraging to say the least because I felt horrible, exhausted, and sick all the time.

Just over 10 weeks ago I had my breast implants removed and since then my body has slowly changed for the better. And then this past Sunday I cut out processed and refined sugars (did this several times when I had implants and it did not help). From there, I have literally watched my body rapidly change as if the weight is just melting off.

And all the health issues I have had for years, some of them beginning shortly after the augmentation, have begun dissipating ⤵️ 

▪️heart palpitations
▪️unable to take a deep breath
▪️extra weight
▪️metallic taste in mouth
▪️panic attacks
▪️anxiety (not gone, but much less)
▪️exhaustion from the moment I woke
▪️chest pains
▪️back pain
▪️numb face, neck, and hands

Those are some of the worst issues and they are either gone completely or are much less debilitating. Today I feel the best that I have felt in years and the one thing I have removed is those toxic bags. It is not a coincidence. God, I am so grateful for the Facebook groups that walked me through this, along with my wonderful sister 💞 I am a different person then I was 3 months ago.

I am looking forward to the next decade's possibilities! Yes, even during isolation because I refuse to stop living after so many years of feeling like I was dying. Life can continue from the comfort of my home and yard and even then I can bring magic into the world 🥰🥂

Stay safe and healthy, my friends!


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