Karma's Bite

It is funny...

Honestly, my life is funny.  Here I sit, late into the night, thinking of the universe and the punches it delivers to me daily.  I want to complain.  I yearn to complain.  My brain is screaming at me to bitch and moan and let everyone know why I am so picked on.

Funny, on so many levels.

What I have discovered today... I am the cause of all the punches.

The punches to the gut.

The punches to the shins.

And best yet, I am responsible for the punches to my head.

Karma has a way to come back and bite a person right in the backside and when you look back to see what the hell just happened, it sits there gleaming its red, beady eyes at you, daring you to retaliate.

These past couple of months have been trying.  I sit back on days like this and ask the universe, what is my lesson in all of this?  What did I do which created this mess?

Today I finally understood why.

I was at my favorite Smith's Marketplace down by my old neighborhood.  I usually do not go there any more, but I had to take my little guy to his dad's house.  I love this Smith's.  It's clean.  The staff is happy and inviting.  And they almost always have good deals going on.

I did my shopping.  No harm.  No foul.  It was easy and I enjoyed it.

So where's my lesson, you say?

Here it is...

As I was walking out the EXIT doors, I noticed a van parked right outside the door.  Well, for those who do not know the Smith's I am speaking about, there are large cement beams about 4-5 feet apart that line the walking area right before the parking lot.  The lady had parked her van right up against those.  There was no way to get by her.  She was putting her kids in the car and it looked like an older lady was putting groceries in the back.  I had to back track and go around to the entrance area where I could get by them.

No big deal, right?

It really was not a big deal, but it irritated me.  It irritated me they had left no room for people leaving the store and expected them to find a different route out of the store.

So, I opened my mouth and inserted my foot.

All I said is this, "you know you are blocking everyone else's path to get out."

The older lady immediately snapped back, "you try getting two small children and groceries out to the car, in the snow.  We are doing the best we can.  Let's see you try to do better."

I wanted to snap back at her.

But I didn't.

I walked off, shaking my head.

Here were two grown women and two small children, out getting groceries and she really thought she was the only one who had done this?  It was hard to even comment back on that without laughing.

I did take my two children, when they were small, into the grocery store.

I did bring them when it was snowing as well.

I did it on my own.  No husband.  No parents.  No friends.

I did it on my own multiple times.

I get the frustration of having small children in the grocery store.

I get it more than they will ever know.

I do not get NOT having common courtesy for others.

As I drove off, knowing full well I was in the right, my mind shifted to another way of thinking.

What if there was more to the story?  And even if there wasn't, could I have approached this lady in a more kind and thoughtful way?

Could I have offered to help, so they could move their van out of the way?

Yes, I could.

And honestly, I believe that would have been the better approach for everyone involved, regardless of their reasons.

I had judged them, instead of choosing the kind route and assisting them.

We are all in this together, right?

We all have to live on this planet.  So, why is it so hard for us to coexist?

Why is it so hard for me to really see others for who they are?

Humans, just like me, stumbling through life, figuring it out day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Who am I to judge?

When will I learn all my lessons so I can just enjoy life, instead having life beat me up every turn I take?

Honestly though, I do enjoy life.  I have my bad days, just like anyone else, but I enjoy life.

I love to laugh.  I love to sing.  I love to dance.  I love being with my family and doing all three of those with them.

Although, after my friends have experienced me at karaoke night, they will attest I should not quit my day job.

I guess what I have to say tonight...

First off, karma sucks.

Second off, we are all human beings.

Third off, I will continue to strive to be a better me.  I hope you all will do the same.

Keep up the good work and smiling faces, because it makes it so much easier on me to be a better me ;)

Haha!  Just kidding, already!

But no really, smiling faces are better.

Goodnight folks!


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