Itty-Bitty Tale - We Survived To Be Adults

I have to start this Itty-Bitty tale with a disclaimer:

I LOVE my siblings and while I might make fun of them, their clothes and their expressions and possibly their thoughts (well what I think they are thinking), I am poking at my own oddball moments as well.  On that note...

My childhood was quite the adventure.  I grew up in a Podunk town about thirty minutes South of Salt Lake City, Utah, nestled up against Mahogany Mountain.  I spent my days during the summer riding bikes, playing sports, swimming in the creek, building huts in the trees, chasing deer up the mountain and sneaking through the golf course to stare enviously at the copious amounts of sweets at Kountry Korner, our closest gas station.

We lived in a child's dreamland.

One of the fantastic things that my parents did was drive us around our ginormous state and introduce us to some delightful views.  Here is one of my favorites...

It cannot get better than this.  Look at us!  We were epic in our day!

Can you guess our whereabouts?!?

Yes, I am the one inserting my unsanitary fingers in my mouth and sticking my tongue out at the camera.  I thought it was adorable and well, I was correct.

My 100% natural, younger brother believed he was adorable as well, but he fails to recognize to this day that only one of us is awarded that status and because he was birthed after me, he never stood a chance.  I mean, really.

Back to the Future brother, sporting his rad glasses and holding his lucky rabbit's foot has no idea how lucky he was, to not be decked by my booty shorts bro standing next to him.  Not because he did anything wrong, but because he was the closest person within reach and my sister (I love you!) was most likely grumbling as most teenagers do, creating the stare of death pulsating from booty shorts bro's eyes.

And my mom... she is smiling.  I had to zoom in and double check, but there is definitely a smile dangling on her lips.  It might be a "I am ready to throttle my child" kind of grin, but alas it was still a smile.

We survived and that is what counts.  Cheers to my parents enduring patience!

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Later, folks!


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