Niki's August Reading Favorites

Hello world!  I have been a tad bit behind these past few weeks and I am working hard to catch up before Comic Con this next week.  Although, I did go on a much needed ADULT vacation just over a week ago, and I have to say, it was fantastic!! 

I thought I would catch up on writing and blogging while I was away, but well... I didn't.  I baked in the sun (with sunscreen, of course), I read two books, I used Uber for the first time, drank beer with a room full of firefighters, and spent as much time as possible with my handsome man.  Oh yes... and there was absolutely zero complaining, whining and arguing.  I was in heaven.

Anyway, after all the fun, I returned home to being a responsible parent and adult and was rushed right back into my daily duties, and never had the chance to sit down and complete all my much needed and wanted writing.

So... back to business!  This month I wanted to showcase the three books I have most recently completed, along with one I finished last year.

Book One - A Passing Of Each Perfect Moment

The beginning of this book threw me for a loop, but not in a bad way.  The author created a mysterious start with chapter one and spiraled it down a path that eventually twisted back and explained the many mental questions. 

Here is  my review on Amazon:

This was a fantastic sci-fi read with a twist of spirituality and fantasy. The protaganist, Emily Diaz wakes up from a dream that had been filled with screams, crying and confusion. She woke up in her dorm room, but looking around she feels something is off. The story moved forward quickly with a stunning amount of twistsand turns that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Without giving anything away, Emily has always felt she did not belong in this world and when she wakes up in her dorm room that day and begins her journey of awareness the author creates a world of mystery and a storyline where you cannot wait to find out what happens next. The details are engaging and the development of characters makes you feel like you are part of their story.

Book Two - Up In A Treehouse

I just finished this book this past week!  K.K. Allen has become one of new favorite authors and I am excited to read her short story that is currently in my reading list.

I began following the author on Twitter, about a year ago and from there I read her entire series The Summer Solstice.  When this book came out, I purchased a signed copy directly from the author and I was not disappointed!

Here is my review:

I began this book while I was on vacation, sunbathing in Las Vegas and I became so engrossed in the story, from page one that I forgot I was baking in the sun. After over three hours, I begrudgingly closed the book and allowed my skin a break from the toaster.

That being said, this was an incredibly fantastic written story. I was mesmerized by the characters and their entanglement with one another. The flashbacks and flash forwards made the story that much more interesting and made me fall in love with Devon, Chloe and Gavin more and more. And I adored reading about Chloe and Gavin's relationship. What a beautiful, tormenting, sexy and heartbreaking love story.

The author has once again, pulled me in and twisted my heart into a knot. I love her books and highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great love story.

Book Three - A Blaze of Magic: Chosen Saga Book Two

Another favorite author!  J.L. Clayton is a joy to follow on Facebook and I have loved reading the first two books of the Chosen Saga.  After Comic Con, I will be starting book three and I CANNOT wait!  She brings her characters to life in the most exciting  and enthralling ways and keeps me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire books.

If you want to be involved in a fun group, find her on Facebook or Twitter and join in the crazy fun!  There is nothing like watching someone you admire, rise quickly to the top and know they belong there!

Here is my review on Amazon:

I am smitten by Charlie's story! What a fantastic sequel! I enjoyed the fast pace and the constant twist and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. The author did a great job to keep my attention and created a story that is still making me crave more! I cannot wait to read number three and see what is in store for Charlie, her family and all her new friends!

Book Four - Raven's Peak

This, my friends, was an excellent beginning to what will be an amazing series.  Lincoln Cole has such a gift with words and I have loved reading every single one of his books.

I have no idea where he is going with this series, but if they are written as well as this one, I will not be disappointed.  I am a sucker for any form of fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, sci-fi and/or adventure book and this one quickly rose to my top ten favorite series. 

Because I came into this series from the beginning, I will have to actually wait for the next book, but since my reading list is extremely ginormous, I just might be able to cool down the anticipation.  Haha!

Take a look at my review:

As usual, Lincoln Cole, astounds me. This is now my new favorite of his books. Amazing writing that sucks me in from page one and every time I had to put it down, my thoughts continuously returned to the story, anxious to read what happened next.

I absolutely loved the paranormal/supernatural aspect of the story and as the author set up different scenes and new characters, the suspense continued to build. I loved reading about Haatim and his growth throughout the book, along with his growing admiration for Abigail. This story ended on a major cliffhanger, which I love, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in the series.

Five stars all the way and I highly recommend this read!

Well, folks, let me know if you have any questions about these authors.  You can find them all on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep up the reading and I will chat with you all again soon!

XXXX - Niki


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