Organizing My Day

One of my followers on Wiselike asked me these questions and I wanted to share what was discussed here and get all your thoughts on the subject :)

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day, not everyone is able to use them effectively as you seem to. What advice can you give those who want to stay focused and accomplished more? How can you write a novel and a blog while handling the responsibilities of being a buyer without feeling overwhelmed or burned out?


Oh, I have my moments. I don't believe I would be human if I didn’t become overwhelmed or burned out at times. These are the things that have worked to help me stay focused:

1. I always have my "me" time. This could consist of 5 minutes of meditation, an hour of reading, or a half hour of a bubble bath, among many ideas. I have found if I do not find moments during the day to breath, and remember why I want success, I will fail before I even begin.

2. Organizing, by prioritizing my day, keeps me from being overwhelmed. I work as a Buyer Monday-Friday, during the day. When I return home, I focus on dinner, homework, or whatever my family may need. It is never a consistent or normal time, as most parents know, however I have adapted to rolling with the punches. I don't always have the chance to write everyday, but I make it a priority at least 4-6 times a week. Along with exercise and "me" time.

Advice on staying focused and accomplishing more... First, breath. It will never be perfect, and it will rarely turn out the way you planned in your head, but consistency is what creates a name. Keep going. Take your breaks, but never give up.

Organize and prioritize, not only your profession(s), but your home as well. A well organized home requires less upkeep and therefore a person will be able to focus more on the goals and plans they have set before them.

I leave my Author hat at home, when I’m a Buyer. Concentrating on two professions, at the same time, does not work for me. I have learned to focus on each of them, during their designated times. Although they filter into one another, at times, it is something I do not allow to happen often, and I stay on target by giving each my full attention, at their appropriate moments.


What do all my friends and fans think about managing their time? We all have crazy, chaotic lives... what do you all do to keep your life from imploding (or exploding)?



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