Childhood Nicknames

First time #TBT 😀

My nickname growing up was Tuffy Two-Shoes. My dad told me it had something to do with me trying to act tough with my older siblings. Haha! My sister made a poem up about it, but I can't find it. When I do, I'll share! They always teased me 😊

Anyway, to go along with my cute nickname, I found a letter that my dad wrote, when he presented me in front of a group. The sweet memories...

In the moment she was born, her father wept tears of gratitude, and her mother gazed at her with an awe usually reserved for the firstborn. She was the sixth.

Starting that day, January 2, she commanded a special place in the heart of every member of her family. Even her two-year-old brother Joseph held her with tenderness, and her other brothers and sisters seemed to sense that there was something unique about this new arrival the family.

Thirteen years have gone by, and that perspective is still there. Nicole is one of a kind. She is a great human being who goes about her daily tasks with a sense of mission. She tackles every chore as though it is the most important job of her life.

Equally important is her care for her family and friends. During her life her brothers and sisters have teased her, accused her of being spoiled, and generally failed at trying to ignore her. None can deny, however, the ultimate truth about Nicole: she genuinely loves and cares for all who are near, and all those around her know it.

(He goes on to talk about how at a young age I began referring to everyone in my life as "the guys". I still do that. LOL! I'm skipping a huge bulk to go to the end).

Reading is a habit that is practiced for several hours each day and her ambition is to write. She already has nobility. And to look into her eyes you have to be convinced that she feels satisfaction with herself and with the direction she is taking.

I love it!

Let's hear what everyone else's childhood nicknames were!


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