Not Giving Up On A Dream


Who has a dream, but is afraid to pursue it? I know I did. For years, I researched publishers, vanity publishers, and all the woes to become a published author. I wanted it so badly, but hated the route I would have to take to arrive at my destination.

Fifteen+ years ago, when I really became serious about wanting to publish, there wasn't an inexpensive way to self-publish, and the chance to be accepted by a traditional publisher was slim to none. Instead of staring my fears in the face, I put my writing to the side, and decided it wasn't for me.

Flash forward about five years, I attended a seminar where this exact question was asked to me. "If not now, then when?" My dream of being a published author was still aching inside of me, but I just didn't know "how" I would ever get there. Then I was told, "just do the work, and the how will appear." And that's exactly what happened. First I blogged, then I began piecing together my Theia's Moons story, and finally I wrote the first novel. And guess what? The "how" arrived and without a glance back, I dove into the unknown and haven't looked back.

If not now, then when?


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