First Week

So... I haven't been that great about updating this blog.  It seems by the time I have time to do anything I'm exhausted.  I admit no soda and less processed foods have taken a tole on my energy!  I am hoping once my body gets use to not having those things I will begin to get more natural energy. 

I am doing pretty well though.  This is my 7th day with no soda and very little processed sugars and I'm making it through the day.  I want to go to bed by 8PM but at least I'm making it through the bulk of my day with no problems!

I am definitely finding new ways to eat and new things to eat.  I usually have two eggs in the morning, with some canadian bacon.  But to make it even better I found these:

They have 0 sugar and 12 grams dietary fiber.  I don't know if they truly are that healthy, but they are much better than any other tortilla I've found out there!  They taste good and I can wrap my eggs in them in the morning.  I feel like I get more well-rounded breakfast with them.  Here's the nutritional information:

I did have a little bit of processed sugar on the weekend... but it was very minimal and I felt good about making it through all our different activities with only the little I ate!  It has been a growing experience. 

I've done diets before, but I've never done anything that changes my life permanently.  Don't get me wrong... I still plan on having processed foods here and there and devouring yummy desserts, but I want to change how I view food and what I eat as a whole.  Even though I still want to grab a candy bar or make brownies I have been able to resist for the most part and as I get better at it I know my body will be grateful.

As for my other goals for this month, some are happening and others I am still working on starting!  Maybe I put too many things on my list.  Haha!  I will see how this next week goes and give an update on what I feel is going to work this month and which can wait.  Until next time... :)


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