Made it! Second Week

Yes, I am still going strong!  I'm ending my second week today on this fun little adventure and I have to admit I have had a few setbacks.  I haven't been sugar free entirely... but, for the most part I have.  I still feel good about where I am at.  It has been tough at times and I have had several temptations!  Most of them I have been able to withstand, but I did have chocolate cake at my daughters birthday party.  It was rather tasty, but it kind of made me ill afterwards.  I have had so little refined sugar over the past 2 weeks so all that sugar at once did not make my tummy happy.  A lesson learned!

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So, onto week 3.  I am going to be focusing most of my attention on my fitness.  I will be a little relaxed on what I can and cannot have to eat... but I will still keep the refined sugars and processed foods to a minimum.  I have not had a lot of energy or time to focus on exercising and I want to make it more of a priority.  I plan on working out as much as possible.  Tomorrow might be a little hard, since I am at work all day and then I have my Young Womans meeting that night.  But I will find some time to do something.  I would like to do my AM/PM yoga at least and then maybe some kind of cardio. 

I have been taking my vitamins, taking the time to watch the sunrise and some of the other goals as well.  Hopefully by the end of the month I will have at least began to work on all of them.  I am still enjoying this process and I hope by the end of each month I will have learned something new and gained something better!

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