Success - Day Two

Day one is over with and it was a success!  I’m on day two and if I had my way this morning I would have cheated.  I was so hungry this morning… even though I ate dinner.  I just did not have any processed foods or treats and I think that makes a big difference.  I ate early this morning, which I never do.  I ate breakfast at 7am, but then it took me almost an hour to eat it because I was feeling so weak and sick.  And then it took me a couple more hours to start feeling well.  It just goes to show how much our bodies are dependent on these processed sugars.  It’s almost like I have an addiction to them.  I’m doing much better now and I am still on the straight and narrow.  Hopefully tomorrow morning is not as rough.

I slept really well last night and my toddler did not come into my room until 5am.  For the past few months he has been coming into my room and getting into bed with me around 1 or 2am and let me tell you how much sleep I got.  It was ridiculous.  Two year olds are not meant to sleep with their parents.  He kicked and rolled and wiggled all night.  I told my friend about it and she gave me a book on getting your kids to sleep!  The ideas in there worked like a charm.  Now he doesn’t come in until 5am and I am good with that.  I actually sleep and feel normal in the morning.  It is one of my goals to go to bed early - 10pm and wake up early – 5am to 6am.  Now that I’m not being woken up all night long I think I can actually accomplish this.

I am so excited about this new journey in my life.  I can’t believe I waited as long as I have to really make the changes I think are necessary in my life.  I hope everyone who reads this will get how amazing this feeling is and maybe take the steps themselves.  I’m only on day two but I already feel empowered and stronger.  Get the book “The Happiness Project” or follow along my own journey and get motivated to make those changes in your life that have been nagging at you for far too long.

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