Dear Sweet Utah Drivers

I have to admit, I make mistakes driving just like the next person.  But dear God, what is wrong with some of these drivers.

Honestly, I have lived in Utah most of my life, so I am not sure if we are the worst.  California has its moments and so does Nevada.  When I lived in New York, you either learned to be aggressive or the drivers out there would eat you for lunch.

So... there is that.

But Utah drivers... it is different.  We are downright rude.

Today was an experience.  I have them every so often with my fellow drivers.  And I had to take a moment and ask myself, what was my part in this charade.

If I had just driven a bit slower as I was merging onto the commuter lane.  Then the man who ended up behind me, would have passed me.  He would have not grated on my nerves as he tailgated me all the way to the end of the commuter lane.

THEN when we were stopped at the next stoplight, I would have not laughed at him when his car stalled, after the light turned green.

That is where I ultimately went wrong.

Karma reared its head, turned its evil beady eyes towards me and asked, "So you thought that was funny, did ya?

At that point, I knew I had screwed up.

Why is it so hard for me to just keep my laughing to myself?

Getting on the freeway was my doom, which was shortly after my uncalled for laughing.  I drove up the ramp on the two lane entrance and began to merge with the other cars next to me as it became one lane.

Either I learned the wrong way to merge or the driver who was behind me and in the right lane was being a complete jackass.  As soon as he saw me begin my merge (OH because the law says I HAVE to) he sped up and ATTEMPTED to pass me.  BUT I had already began my merge and he had a BIG cement wall on his side.

This is the kicker.

He slammed on his brakes when he realized he could not pass me and HONKED at me!  As if I was the one doing it wrong.  I must have learned the incorrect way to merge.  Not to mention the other two cars that were ahead of me.  They must have learned the wrong way as well.

To top it off, I had to get all juvenile and frustrated and I FLIPPED HIM OFF.


Where did that come from?

The last time I flipped someone off (while driving) was over fifteen years ago.

Geez, he must have really grated my nerves.

Once we merged onto the freeway like adults, he swerved past me into the middle lane, sped past with not even a glance in my direction AND then pulled into the left lane, cutting off another driver.  That driver had to swerve and slam on his brakes.

Look at what I had started with my stupid laughing!

That driver was not going to be outdone.  He sped up, moved into the carpool lane and pulled up to the the dip wad who thought he owned the road.  I kept a safe distance away and SLOWED down.  The best decision I had made thus far.

Awe, the ripple effect.

I should have kept my laughing to myself OR better yet I should have just driven a bit slower and let the first driver pass me so he could be stuck between me and the other car on the commuter lane.

The end.


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