Trimming Up - Giving Up Processed Foods

Originally I began this blog to post my progress through my Happiness Project, inspired by Gretchen Rubins book "The Happiness Project". 

I have come to realize, I am easily sidetracked.

Don't get me wrong.  I progressed through "A" happiness project.  It just was not the original plan I had outlined.  The story of my life... most everything DOES NOT go as planned.  Haha!

It really is not a bad thing.  My life has still gone well.  I still became better. 

Here I am, three years later.  My life is completely different.

And the best part... I am happy.

I am not happy because things are going well.  I am happy because I am choosing to be happy. 

What I have come to realize over the years... I get to focus on the things I can change.  I get to focus on how to keep progressing through to an even better life, while STILL enjoying the one I have RIGHT NOW.

Saying all of this, I have a new plan.

When I began this journey over three years ago, I started by cutting out processed foods and exercising more.  I became a more healthier me and that has been a great foundation to get me to where I am now.

 On Monday of this week, I cut out most of the processed foods again.  It is not because I am unhealthy.  It is because I want to take that next step.  I want to go even further than I did three years ago. 

I have stayed the same for three years, aside from one small difference.

I began lifting heavier weights about six months ago.  I have been consistent for five days a week for nearly six months and I love the toned look my body is beginning to show.  I love that my legs and arms are stronger. 

It is exhilarating to feel more athletic. 

Now I really want to take that further and shrink the layer of fat that loves to hold on around my waist, arms and back.  It isn't much, but it is enough.

I am ready for that next step and I am excited to take on this challenge.  I will become even healthier.  I will become even stronger.  I will become far more toned than I have ever been.

I love pastas and breads and muffins, etc, etc, etc.  Three years ago I gave those up and I have been better about not over consuming these muffin top creators.  I gave up soda as well and I rarely have my beloved Dr. Pepper any more.  This time will be easier than last time, because I kept up the change in my eating habits.

Here begins a new journey and I expect everyone around me to hold me to it.  The goal is one month.  One month with rare consumption of anything processed.  No potato chips, no breads, no crackers or cookies, etc. 

I began on April 20th and I will finish on May 19th.  This will give my body a whole month to jump start into an even healthier mode. I will update throughout the month (without overkill) and then give the final results when it is over.
And maybe, just maybe I can refocus this blog back onto the happiness project!  Or better yet, let it be wild and free and take on the life it really deserves.

Until next time!  Cheers!


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