The Platinum Rule

And here I go...

I am unliking every news outlet on Facebook. Do you know why? Do you even care to know why? Well, I'm going to tell you whether you care or not.

Our world is full of sickening and evil human beings. People who are so consumed by their own ego, they have forgotten what it takes to actually be a compassionate, loving person.

I am not usually one to jump on a soapbox, or at least not a soapbox as controversial as this one, but I am tired of reading about the asshats of our world. I am nauseated by the cruel and pathetic actions of the pansy ass monsters who reside on the same planet as I do.

Before we go over my issues with this world, I want to say, I'm not writing this to be mean or indifferent or disrespectful. In fact, I type these words because I desire more compassion, respect, generosity and love in our world.

ISSUE #1 - Sexual Assault/Murder/Hurting Another Person In Anyway

Hearing about children being raped or murdered or both, just so some sicko can have their kicks, makes my heart and soul shake with grief.  These babies are innocent. They didn't ask to be born into a world full of monsters, and they don't deserve to have these disgusting things happen to them.


I just can't... I can't listen or read about another person being hurt. It is traumatizing to myself, and it creates a fear in my heart. I want people to grow up and stop being fucking assholes. Leave our children alone! And for God's sake, be good person!

How I wish more people would live by the Platinum Rule...

If you are a genuine and good person, and treat me with respect, I will reciprocate. In fact, I will already treat you with respect, unless you give me a reason not to.

Issue #2 - Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life

If you want to be Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, I will respect your decision. I won't attempt to change your mind, and all I expect from you is the same respect.

I am Pro-Choice. I always have been and I always will be. Accept it, realize the only person you control is yourself, and move on. Most people do not change their mind by your non-stop controversial memes.

Let's get a few things straight... I am not planning on having an abortion and I do not believe that killing a baby who can live outside of the womb is morally upstanding. In fact, if a person has the choice to go through with the pregnancy and either be a parent or give another person a chance to be a parent, I have high respect for them.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT, and definitely not my business.

However, I do believe the choices I make for MY body, is no one's business but mine and my partner.  And honestly, this is the only time it would be a decision for two people, what I did with my body. Any other time, it is my choice, and my choice alone.

And it most definitely is NOT some old, privileged, religious fanatic person's decision, what I do with my body and I am appalled this is a discussion that continues to arise, while boys are still not held accountable for their part in the baby making process. As well, we have enough starving children in our world. Can we agree to serve their needs, before we bring in more neglected children? Please.

If we educated our youth in all areas of our world and provided the protection they need to have safe sex, not only would the unwanted pregnancies go down, the STD epidemic could decrease. Stop burying your head in the sand and pretend your kid won't have sex in their youth. They are having sex, so you might as well educate them to make the best choice possible.

Issue #3 - Victimizing the Criminals

Just in case you did not understand the title, let me repeat myself... VICTIMIZING THE CRIMINALS.  This is a HUGE issue in our present civilization.

What kool-aid is everyone drinking that makes them justify the victimizing of the criminals, by the hands of the cops who are stopping the crime?  If the CRIMINALS were not committing the crimes in the first place, there would not be a need for cops to come in and take control of the situation.  That is what we pay them to do!!

When are we going to hold the criminals responsible for putting themselves in the situation IN THE FIRST PLACE?  

If the cops shoot too soon, they are trigger happy. If they don't shoot quick enough, they weren't trained right. If they didn't do this, or they did that, etc. etc. etc.

These men and women cannot win.

There is always someone out in know-it-all land telling the professionals, they did their job wrong.  How about this... be a cop and show us all how you can do it better.

I am not naive to the dirty cops of our world. I know evil cops exist.  However, they are not the majority.  Stop victimizing the fools who are committing the crimes. 

I was once married to a man who hated cops. He told me this detail early in our marriage, but it never became clear to me until the day he butt dialed me while out with his buddies.  As they discussed their drugs and all the items they were wanting to steal, they proceeded to explain to each other what would happen if they were pulled over by a cop.  I won't go into those details, but they were prepared to do anything to protect themselves, their drugs and their loot.  Anything.

Cops go out into the world every single day, either on shift or off-shift and risk their lives for us. They do not know if they will be able to see their spouse or their children ever again. They do that for us.

Why is that so difficult for people to understand?

Do I want a cop to body slam or shoot one of my kids? No! Absolutely not! 

If it happened, would I want the cop to be held accountable, if he was in the wrong? Yes!

However, I would hope if I was put into that situation, I would wait until I had all the facts before going off the handle about what I think the cop did wrong. What about what my kid did wrong? It is my responsibility, as a parent, to hold my kid accountable for his actions.

Let's please attempt to not raise a generation full of spoiled, entitled, rotten kids. Please.

Respect the badge and don't commit a crime, and you should have nothing to worry about. I understand there are exceptions to every rule, and I do not discount those events. Those are not the occurrences I am speaking about.

Stop. Victimizing. Criminals.

Issue #4 - God

Listen folks, not everyone believes in God, and frankly that is a-okay. That is their right. Please stop insisting that the United States needs God in everything and everywhere. If he/she/they exists, I don't think they would care what we state on a billboard, or even in our national anthem.

Do you really believe a God would be that petty?

If they are, well... I don't want any part of that God.

Focus on your own life, and stop worrying about what others believe in. I know more genuine, authentic, loyal, and giving Atheists, then I do Christians or any other religious person. And I live in an area prominently occupied by Christians. By far, the non-believers are more non-judgmental and welcoming.

What does that say about the religious people these days?

More people kill in the name of their God. That God is not my God, and I have 0 respect for anyone who murders others because of an invisible man in the sky.

Circling back to unliking all news outlets on Facebook. They suck the life out of me, and for all the reasons I mentioned above, and more. I read the article, then mistakenly I read comments, and I realize people can be hateful and despicable creatures. Although I have witnessed the best parts of humans, reading all the awful voices of the world clouds my judgment. I'm taking a break from the news. After all, they are only reporting what they are paid to report. Good news doesn't sell, therefore I'm only bombarded by the ugly.

I do not usually write these controversial blog posts. But I believe in being the change I want to see in the world. I do believe in being kind to others, and treating my fellow humans as they would want to be treated. No, I'm not perfect and anyone who personally knows me, knows I am not here to profess that I'm better than anyone else.

I have witnessed so much anguish and pain in people's eyes these days, and my heart breaks for our world. We are capable of much greatness, and have the ability to surround each other with an immense amount of love, but we choose to walk around avoiding each others eyes and live lonely lives, while pretending to be something different behind the safety of our computer screens.

Along those lines, we divide ourselves. We do it by social status, religion, race, sexual orientation, etc. and it does not have to be this way. I believe when we connect, we create a world filled with peace and love. We have that power, but most of us are still walking around asleep, barely stumbling through this life.

We are one, and we are connected. It just is. My mission in this life is not just to write, but it is to assist others to remember who they are. I can't force anyone to wake up, because my power is only to send my love and light out to everyone I meet, and hope they will reciprocate. Then, and only then, will we be connected.

I'm not here to tip-toe around my fellow humans. I am here to make you uncomfortable, and create a space where you are able to expand your thinking, reasoning, and love for others. If you are offended by what I have had to say, well... that is your offense and something you will have to ponder and shift for yourself. Or you can stay stuck and blame your offenses and problems on me and others in this world.

Which way will create happiness in your life?

To all, I wish you a great night. Peace be with you.

XXXX - Niki


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