Happy 4th of July America

Last night I reclined in my comfy camp chair, on the lawn of the courthouse in Steamboat Spring, Colorado and admired the awe-striking fireworks in front of me.

I listened to my tiny nieces words, who sat next to me on her mama's lap, "I like that one. I like that one. Mommy, do you like that one?"

Every single firework, had a commentary from her and it was adorable. She was memorized by the light show. Awe... to be a child again.

Last year, on the 24th of July, we moved into our new home. We had brought our cats over to the house and left them on our back porch. Honestly, I don't know what we were thinking. The 24th of July is Pioneer Day in Utah and therefore we have a plethora of fireworks lighting up the sky. As we were nearing our previous home to pick up a load of our possessions, the fireworks began to fill the sky and my thoughts immediately went to my two kitty-cats.

I knew they would not be home when we returned.

We never found my cats and it broke my heart. We searched the fields near the house, we delivered flyers to our neighbors, and we even visited pet jail, but to no avail. As the days turned into weeks, I felt my heart shatter a little bit more, knowing the chances of finding them was growing slim. They had been with us for seven years and were the sweetest, most loving cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I blamed the fireworks. I was angry with the people who so recklessly shot up hundreds of fireworks across our little town. However, the only person I have to blame was myself. My negligence was the reason I no longer get to see my cats every day. I should have put them inside, knowing the new home and the fireworks combined would be too much stress for them. Although my son and I are both allergic, we could have tolerated a few days, allowing them to become familiar with their new home.

Flash forward to today and although I miss my kitties, I did enjoy the firework show last night. It was not the fireworks or the other people's fault my cats are gone. It is mine and I get to take responsibility, instead of passing the buck onto someone who was probably being far more responsible than I was. The fireworks are a symbol of our freedoms and I will not be the one to take away from that celebration.

That being said, I have to say, I am proud to be an American. I am thrilled to be a citizen of the United States of America. I stand in awe and quiet praise of the men and women who have given their lives for my freedom. I do not apologize for my citizenship or my love for my country.

No, I do not support war and I realize others do not think the U.S of A is the greatest country in the world. To me it is not a competition. However, THAT does not take away my pride. I am allowed to love the country I live in, without apology. I don't have to love the government and their idiotic and destructive choices, to still love MY country.

I grow weary of the vile and disgusting way other people demand that I feel guilty for loving my country. I am saddened by my fellow citizens desire to put down everything great this country has worked for to become a strong house in this world. We have divided on an immeasurable level and it frightens me to know where this path is taking us.

We are in an election year and unfortunately this brings out the absolute worst in people across the nation. We forget that we are all in this together and when we choose to divide, we only encourage others to find ways to make us fall. By our own making, we have delivered ourselves to the enemy and unless we pull our heads out of the sand, they will win.

I am a Humanist. I believe in doing good to all people. We have the capability of evolving and rising above the hate and greed and becoming a united people once again. Regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. we can stand strong and put a stop to the leaders, the government, the loud and obnoxious voices, who are intent on dividing us into our separate SHEEPLE stations. Really listen to what these "leaders" are saying to us and then RESEARCH for yourself and use your own brain to decide if what they are saying is really worth the hate between one another.

I for one choose to rise above the hateful and vile comments. I AM better than this. And I believe everyone else out there, is as well. Let go of the desire to be right and realize this world is only going to become better if we stop acting like a bunch of entitled, spoiled children.



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