Itty-Bitty Tale - Nose In A Book

My dad had this habit of dragging us kids off to distant mountain ranges, with nothing but dirt, sagebrush and looming trees. On occasion we would camp near a stream and would spend our day panning for gold, which did spark moments of excitement, along with our metal detector findings.

However, without fail, no matter where we ventured, I made sure I had a book to read. Call it an obsession, but back in the cool days I didn't have an iPhone to stick my nose in, just my books.

Yes, this was typically what I did while camping. Don't laugh. Apparently, someone thought it was an excellent moment to capture on film...


These days when I find one of my kids reading, especially when it's one of my books, my heart swells with pride. Maybe they will learn the love of reading and follow in their mom's footsteps.

Or something along those lines.

What fun adventures did your parents force you to go on? (Dad I'm kidding, promise!)

Cheers to the 1980 and 1990 book nerds. May your children be just as rad.

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Until next time. Mwah!


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