His eyes seared into me like scorching knives. I wanted to escape, but I couldn’t tear myself away from his emerald irises. Stepping forward, the fear wormed its way up from my stomach and halted in my throat, making it difficult to breathe as it squeezed at my esophagus. I cringed when his lips twitched with a devilish grin, and he beckoned for me to come closer.

“No.” The word was barely a whisper, floating uselessly over my trembling lips.

He nodded and winked, knowing I couldn’t resist. Another step forward. My mind was screaming at me to run away, and my heart was beating a temporary tattoo against my chest, while my gut wretched from the terror that held my throat hostage.

Why am I so weak? The thought pounded inside my head, just as a single tear tumbled down my crimson cheek.

A deep laugh rumbled from his mouth, his eyes darkening from the desire swirling in the dense air between us. My foot moved another step forward, but my hands desperately searched for anything to pull me away. Grasping onto a chair, I shrieked when it tumbled to its side, my wide eyes still glued to the cryptic monster only a few steps away.

“You never had a choice,” he called out to me, his voice carrying a strength that slid heavily over my flushed body.

My breath caught in my throat, once again, and a thunderous train of goosebumps traveled up my arms, shooting across my neck. Another step. My hands flung out again, probing for a barrier or some kind of weapon. Grasping only empty air, sweat trickled down my spine, knowing I was meeting my end. He would destroy my life.

© Niki Liv 2017


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